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iOS 16 supported devices

iOS 16 Supported Devices: 18 iPhones & Many iPads

The list of iOS 16 supported devices is shorter! With no old iPhone models cut by the release of iOS 15, Apple will stop supporting the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models, as well as the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the first generation iPhone SE….

Waze Apple Music integration

Waze Apple Music Integration Now Available For iPhone

Waze Apple Music integration is now available on iPhone! This means that iOS users can access the premium music content directly from the Waze Audio Player. A handy feature especially for those own a car without CarPlay support….

Fitness+ on MacBook Air

No Fitness+ On Mac In macOS Big Sur 11.1? (Sign Petition!)

Are you looking to play the Fitness+ workouts on your Mac? Believe it or not, Fitness+ on macOS isn’t available at the time of writing! You can run Apple’s premium fitness subscription service only on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV!…

iOS game Tropico full-screen on m1 mac

iOS Apps In Full-Screen Mode On M1 Mac (macOS Big Sur 11.1)

Do you know that you can now run iOS apps in full-screen mode on the new M1 Mac? This is available starting with the latest release of macOS Big Sur. All that you have to do is update your machine to macOS 11.1! You’ll also be able to switch iPhone and iPad app windows between…

Google search app for iOS Light vs Dark Mode

Google Search App For iOS And Android Updates With Dark Mode Support

Google has just updated its Search app for iOS and Android with Dark Mode support. This welcomed add-on comes more than one week after Google’s most popular iOS app, Gmail also received Dark theme compatibility. To search with Google app while using Dark Mode on your iPhone and iPad you have to update to the…