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watchOS 10 compatibility

watchOS 10 Supported Devices: 8 Apple Watch Models

Good news for Apple Watch users! The watchOS 10 supported devices list is the same as the watchOS 9 one. All Apple Watch models that are able to run OS 9 are also compatible with watchOS 10!…

macos Sonoma supported devices

macOS Sonoma Supported Devices (Full Compatibility List)

Wondering if your device is macOS Sonoma compatible? As a rule of thumb, if your Mac is older than 2017, there’s no chance for macOS 14 support. All 2018 Macs and newer are supported by macOS Sonoma!…

Shazam Apple Music Classical support

Shazam Apple Music Classical Support Now Available [How To]

Shazam has been updated with support for Apple Music Classical. This means that whenever you search and find a classical song, you have the option to play it in the new app….

iOS 16 supported devices

iOS 16 Supported Devices: 18 iPhones & Many iPads

The list of iOS 16 supported devices is shorter! With no old iPhone models cut by the release of iOS 15, Apple will stop supporting the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models, as well as the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the first generation iPhone SE….

Waze Apple Music integration

Waze Apple Music Integration Now Available For iPhone

Waze Apple Music integration is now available on iPhone! This means that iOS users can access the premium music content directly from the Waze Audio Player. A handy feature especially for those own a car without CarPlay support….