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Tag: Face ID

woman using face id with closed eyes

3 iPhone X Face ID Attention Awareness Features

The TrueDepth camera that’s built-in the front notch of the 10th anniversary iPhone changes the the device’s unlocking procedure, as well as the way users validate purchases in iTunes or clears Safari to use the AutoFill feature. It practically takes over all the functionality from the TouchID system. We’ve already shown you how to configure…

iphone x requires passcode to enable face id

7 Situations When Face ID Is Replaced By Passcode In iPhone X Running iOS 11

Although Apple’s revolutionary TrueDepth camera and its facial identification system is much more accurate than the replaced Touch ID technology, your iPhone X still requires you, in certain situations, to type the Passcode and double prove that you’re the legit owner the device. Face ID can be tricked by 1 from 1,000,000 million other faces,…

woman using face id with closed eyes

How To Set Up Face ID To Unlock iPhone X When Your Eyes Are Closed

The revolutionary Face ID unlocking feature, developed for the iPhone X, comes out of the box with the requirement that the user stares at the device (with eyes open) in order to be validated, as the legit owner of the smartphone by the TrueDepth camera. However, a recent Apple support document confirms that the face…

iphone x unlocked with face id

How To Temporary Disable Face ID On iPhone X

Ever since Face ID was officially announced as the biometric unlocking feature for the iPhone X, controversy and discussions about its benefits/disadvantages ratio when compared to the Touch ID authentication method have been debated. One of the concerns, besides the missed unlock attempt during the September 12 keynote, was raised by a potential security flaw…