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'Face ID Is Not Available' error prompt.

How To Fix ‘Face ID Is Not Available’ iOS 11.2 Error Message

Have you recently updated your iPhone X to iOS 11.2 only to find out that Face ID isn’t working on your 4-figure Apple flagship? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one hit by this glitch. The facial recognition feature is the iPhone Ten’s revolutionary user authentication method! It mostly works as advertised and can be…

Apple iPhone X Face ID ad.

Apple Publishes 4 New iPhone X Specific Ads Highlighting Animoji Karaoke And Face ID

Apple has just shared a couple of new ads on its official YouTube channel to promote its 10th anniversary iPhone. The four new clips emphasize the Animoji Karaoke feature and the revolutionary Face ID authentication system. The first ad is labeled ‘Animoji Yourself’ and focuses on the lip syncing mania that flared right after the…

predicted 2018 iphone flagship lineup

Apple Expected To Release iPhone X 2nd Gen, iPhone X Plus & A 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone In 2018

Although we’re not even 2 weeks into the release of the iPhone X, rumors about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup start surfacing. Perhaps the most reliable and early predictor of upcoming iOS products is Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst working for the Taiwanese brokerage company from KGI Securities. His research notes are based on information gathered from…

locked iphone x hidding message notifications

How To Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X

Thanks to the revolutionary Face ID authentication system the iPhone X is set by default to only show the previews of incoming notifications when it successfully detects your face. This is a great privacy enhancement available in the 10th anniversary iPhone, preventing individuals, in your proximity, from taking a sneak peek at your incoming texts….

iphone x unlock animation

How To Make The iPhone X Retry Face ID Authentication In Case Of Failure

Although Face ID is a first generation feature, it’s very reliable when it comes to unlocking the iPhone X, validating Apple Pay purchases, downloading app from the App Store and much more. However, because of miscellaneous reasons, like poor angle, attention awareness misuse and others, failed Face ID unlocking attempts might occur. Instead of using…