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face id is not available ios 16

Face ID Is Not Available? Try Setting Up Later? iOS 16 Bug?

Are you getting Face ID is Not Available error after iOS 16 or iOS 16.1 update? You’re asked to try to set up Face ID later? Setup gets always stuck at the ‘Move iPhone a little higher’ or a little lower stage?…

face id error message ios 15.7.1

Face ID Stopped Working After iOS 15.7.1 Update? (Fixed!)

Face ID stopped working after iOS 15.7.1 update? iPhone won’t unlock and reconfiguring facial recognition brings up Face ID is Not Available error? You’re asked to Move iPhone a little lower or higher and eventually you’re recommended to try setting up Face ID later?…

face id not available ios 16

Face ID Not Available After iOS 16 Update? Front Camera Not Working?

Face ID not available after update? Facial authentication stopped working on iPhone in iOS 16? Front camera is also showing a black screen? Prompted with ‘Try setting up Face ID later’ when you try to reconfigure it?…

black box on screen ios 16

Black Box Stuck On Screen? iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Bug?

Is a black box stuck on iPhone 14 screen? The item has a squared shape with rounded corners and won’t go away from the top of the screen, when you browse your Home Screens, App Library, Control Center and other interfaces?…

iPhone unlock animation lag

How To Fix iPhone Unlock Animation Lag In iOS 16

Is the iPhone unlock animation lagging after updating to iOS 16? Device unlocks properly with Face ID but the animation is slow and stutters? This is a common bug reported for the first time during Beta 5 (or Public Beta 3) testing phase….