Do Not Disturb Enhancements In iOS 12 – Bedtime And 3D Touch

iPhone X running do not disturb bedtime mode

iPhone X running Do Not Disturb Bedtime mode.

The Do Not Disturb mode is a frequently used iPhone feature that has received its share of upgrades in iOS 12. You might remember that last year, the Do Not Disturb while driving feature has been added to the iOS environment, allowing your iPhone to automatically silence when it detects that you’re driving in order to maximize your attention to the steering wheel.

Now, a new Bedtime mode (not the same with the Bedtime feature of the Clock app) has been added which has the role to hide all incoming notifications during nighttime, allowing you to easily check the time and date while sleeping, without getting distracted by other messages. You can disable Bedtime mode in the morning, with a simple tap of the screen. All hidden notifications will then glide in. This way you don’t miss anything and also get a good rest.

do not disturb bedtime settings How To Enable Do Not Disturb Bedtime Feature
1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen
2. Tap on Do Not Disturb.
3. Toggle the Scheduled feature On.
4. Enable Bedtime and tweak the daily start and end date of the feature.
Facts: When Bedtime mode is active, the Lock Screen will dim, calls will be silenced and notifications will only appear in the Notification Center until the scheduled Do Not Disturb time-frame ends.

ios 12 do not disturb 3d touch menu Do Not Disturb 3D Touch Options
In iOS 12 you can swipe for the Control Center and press firmly on the Do Not Disturb icon to unveil additional activation options like:
– silence your iPhone “for 1 hour”;
– enable Do Not Disturb “Until this evening”;
– or trigger it “Until I leave this location”.
Tip: For the third option to be available you need to have the “Location Services” enabled on your device, in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.

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