Do Not Disturb While Driving An iOS 11 Feature To Prevent Texting At The Wheel

do not disturb while driving ios 11 feature

Do Not Disturb while driving iOS 11 feature.

A highly welcomed new feature that is included in iOS 11 is called Do Not Disturb While Driving and has the role to prevent iPhone and iPad owners from getting distracted while on the move. Texting while operating vehicle has proved to be a significant source of car accidents and this new option allows your Apple smartphone to detect when you’re driving and prevent distractions caused by incoming calls, texts and other notifications.

Bluetooth connectivity with your vehicle will let your iPhone know that you’re about to drive and Do Not Disturb is automatically enabled. You can also activate it yourself from within the redesigned Control Center. Don’t worry about call rejections, iOS 11 automatically notifies engaging Contacts that you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them later.

do not disturb while driving control center setup How To Enable Do Not Disturb While Driving
As mention above this safety feature is automatically activated when the iPhone detects that you’re about to drive. However, you can also manually trigger it on. The easiest way is via the Control Center:
1. Open the Settings app and browse for Control Center.
2. In the Include list, search for the Do Not Disturb While Driving label and tap the green “+” icon available next to it.
3. Whenever you wish to use this option, swipe-up from the Home screen to open up the Control Center.
do not disturb while driving control center icon 4. Tap on the Car icon and Do Not Disturb While Driving is active. Tap it once again to disable.

Tip: If you’re waiting for urgent news and are afraid not to miss them, special contacts can be allowed to bypass the Do Not Disturb filter.

Fact: The automated iPhone notification to Contacts that are trying to reach you while in Do Not Disturb mode while driving is: “I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.”