Extension Internal Error: Can’t Trash Files in macOS Ventura

extension internal error macos ventura

Extension Internal Error macOS Ventura

Are you getting Extension Internal Error when trying to send files to Trash in macOS Ventura? You can’t delete data from desktop, downloads, documents or any other location on your Mac after updating to macOS 13? You’re not alone!

Extension Internal Error macOS Ventura?

extension internal error on mac

Source: Thanks Tim for the screenshot.

This issue has been reported by Scott (2017 iMac):

“I have a png file on my desktop and when I move it to the trash it says: Extension internal error. Also got the same message when trying to uninstall an app (Microsoft Teams).”

This strange problem has been also confirmed by Julia (2021 MacBook Pro):

“I have the same problem since updating to Ventura. Trying to move any files to the trash is not working, regardless of location (desktop, downloads, documents…) or file type. The error just says “Extension internal error,” no error code.”

We couldn’t replicate this issue and also couldn’t find other similar reports. Are you encountering the same problem?

Please confirm it in the comments. Do mention any details that could help us find the trigger. (Ss your Mac managed?, Company computer or personal?). It will help us file a documented feedback report to Apple.

How To Fix Delete Files Not Working On Mac

If you can’t send files to trash in macOS Ventura and are getting the above error you can try the following workarounds:

  • 1. Restart computer and try again.
  • 2. Use command + delete (backspace) keyboard shortcut.
  • 3. Try force delete, it bypasses Trash: option + command + delete (backspace) keyboard combo.
  • Fact: This should generate a popup “Are you sure you want to delete [file name]? This item will be deleted immediately. You can’t undo this action.”. Click Delete to confirm!

Still Can’t Send Files To Trash? Extra Workaround!

Nicolas confirms that he’s able to bypass the Extension Internal error by moving the files to the desktop first before sending them to Trash.

How To: Drag & drop one or more files from Finder to the macOS Ventura desktop. Next, right-click the documents and go for Move to Trash. Does it work for you too?

Extra Fix For Extension Internal Error

Keld informs that he managed to solve files not deleting on Mac by signing out of his Apple ID and signing back in. You can try it too in:
apple id sign out macos ventura

  • 1. Open System Setting from Dock.
  • 2. Tap on your Apple ID available at the top of the left sidebar.
  • 3. Scroll for Sign Out.
  • 4. Restart Mac.
  • 5. Sign back in to your Apple ID. Does it work?

Have you managed to delete files on Mac in macOS Ventura? Do you have a better solution for the Extension Internal Error, or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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