HomePod 15 Features, Update Log, Bugs & More

HomePod 15 update

HomePod 15 update

Apple has released HomePod 15 software update for the original HomePod and the HomePod mini. This significant update brings a series of new features that integrate in Apple’s ecosystem alongside iOS 15 and tvOS 15. Bug fixes and stability improvements are also included in this release.

HomePod 15 Download

HomePod software update can be installed automatically if this setting is enabled.

Even with the device set to auto update, you can rush the process by opening the Home app, long-pressing on one of the available HomePod. Scroll down the card to the settings section, on the HomePod card and this will trigger a search for a potential software update.
homepod 15 update check
Tip: You can also search for a software update in Home -> Home Settings -> Software Update.

When the update is found, the HomePod will start to download it automatically.
Fact: The HomePod 15.0 update file size is 467.7 MB large.

Tap Update to install the new software on the current HomePod or use Update All if you have more Bluetooth speakers to have HomePod 15.0 installed on all of them simultaneously.

Agree with Apple’s terms and be patient until the update is installed.

HomePod 15 Update Log

Check the screenshot available nearby to and read the HomePod 15.0 release notes:
homepod 15 update log

Tip: For the security content of this update please visit:

HomePod 15 Features

homepod 15 features

  • Pair two HomePod mini and use them as default speakers for Apple TV 4K for an upgraded audio experience.
  • HomePod mini is able to display media playback controls on iPhone Lock Screen, when playing music and the iOS device is nearby.
  • Lower the bass level to avoid disturbing others.
  • Siri on HomePod is able to turn ON Apple TV and start playing a movie. You can also voice control the playback as you watch.
  • Siri is able to adjust its speaking level based on the room environment and volume of the user’s voice. A very useful feature that helps you to avoid disturbing other family members.
  • You can command Siri to control smart home devices at specific times. Like turning off the lights in x minutes.
  • Siri voice control on HomePod can be enabled on compatible HomeKit accessories
  • HomePod 15 also gets support for package detection with HomeKit Secure Video.

HomePod 15 Bugs

Problems reported for version 15.0 will be listed here, along with available workarounds and fixes:

  • To be updated.

Has your HomePod updated to software version 15.0? Are you finding the new features useful? What about bugs? Do you encounter any annoying issues? Use the comments section to share your feedback!

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