How To Attach Apple AirTag To Keys, Bags And Other Objects

AirTag keychain from Nomad

AirTag keychain from Nomad

An AirTag allows you to track almost everything that can either host it or allow it to get attached. While you can place an AirTag inside of a bag or any other larger object, you do need a third-party keychain compatible accessory to be able to track your keys or other small objects.

How to Attach Apple AirTag To Keys

Thankfully, consumer electronics and lifestyle products companies like Nomad Goods have designed and developed Keychain accessories. The Leather Loop ($24.95) or the Leather Keychain ($29.95) allow you to easily attach an AirTag to your keys, backpack and other similar objects that you want to track.

Nomad AirTag Leather Loop

AirTag leather loop

  • 3M Adhesive: – The AirTag is attached to the Nomad Leather Loop with the help of an 3M adhesive that’s available on the inside part of the accessory.
  • Tanned Leather – The loop is manufactured from vegetal Horween leather that’s designed to keep your keychain as slim as possible.
  • Slim Fit: – The Leather Loop only adds 2mm of thickness to the AirTag.
  • Colors – It’s available in three colors: Black, Rustic Brown and Natural. The first to come with a Black stainless steel keyring while the Natural look has a Silver colored keyring.
    • How To Attach AirTag To Leather Loop Keychain

      AirTag leather keychain black and iPhone 12 MagSafe case

      • Unbox Nomad’s Leather Lop and detach the 3M adhesive seal.
      • Glue the AirTag in place.
      • Attach one or more keys to the keyring.

      Tip: You can change AirTag battery while keeping your tracker attached to the Loop. The leather is designed to bend enough to allow you to replace the battery!

      Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain

      AirTag leather Keychain from Nomad

      • Scratch Free – This accessory provides full body protection for your AirTag. It’s not only the stainless steel back that gets protected from scratches but the rounded edges too!
      • Magnetic Fixing – Magnets places inside of Keychain AirTag pocket snap together to seal the item inside and ensure that it stays there.
      • Two Colors – The leather keychain comes in two colors: Black and Rustic Brown. The Keyring is made from stainless steel and has a black color in both cases.

      How To Insert AirTag In Leather Keychain

      how to insert AirTag in Nomad leather keychain

      • Unbox the accessory.
      • Grab the AirTag and insert it diagonally through the side of the Leather Keychain. Place it in the specially designed thermoformed pocket.
      • Snap the magnets available at the top of the pocket to seal the AirTag inside.

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