How To Change Instagram App Icon On iPhone & Other Devices

Change Instagram app icon

Change Instagram app icon

Instagram turns 10-years-old this month and to celebrate this, the popular social media platform has included a hidden Easter egg in the app’s Setting. If you find it, you’ll be able to change the Instagram app icon, by chosing a new one, from a list of predefined images that packs classic Instagram icons and many more.

How To Change Instagram App Icon

how to change instagram icon

  • 1. Open Instagram app on iPhone or any other smartphone.
  • 2. Tap the Menu, in the upper-right corner of the screen (or upper-left if you updated to the latest version of Instagram for iOS).
  • 3. Select Settings in the pop-up.
  • 4. Swipe-down on the Settings page. As soon as you release your screen will be filled with confetti and the hidden App Icon screen is displayed.
  • 5. Scroll to check the available app icons and tap on the one that you want to use. Confirm your selection by tapping OK.
  • Fact: This trick isn’t iOS 14 or iPhone related. This means that you can change your Instagram app icon even if you’re running iOS 13 or earlier. The tip also works on any smartphone or tablet, it isn’t Apple exclusive.

13 Instagram Icons To Choose From

Unfortunately, this Easter egg doesn’t allow you to update an image from the Photos app and assign it as Instagram icon. To do this, use the trick presented below!
how to change instagram app icon
Instagram currently includes a list with 13 icons to choose from:
Current, Classic 2, Classic, Original, Codename, Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Pride, Gold, Dark, Light, Very Dark.
If you’re using the default iOS 14 wallpaper the Sunrise app icon blends in nicely!

How To Change App Icons In iOS 14

If you’re looking for a way to change all your app icons there is a workaround that you can apply, in iOS 14. You can create shortcuts, using the stock Shortcuts app. A shortcut will open the selected app. Name the shortcut as the app and assign an icon from the Photos app. Add the new shortcut to the Home Screen and repeat the process for each app. For a step-by-step tutorial please read our how to change app icons guide.

Downside: The only downside is that the shortcuts method implies opening the app through the Shortcuts app, thus delaying the whole process with a couple of milliseconds. You can apply this trick to apps that you don’t use often.

Which Instagram app icon do you prefer? Use the comments section available below and let us know!

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