Fix For MagSafe Charger Hot When Charging iPhone 12 Pro Max?

iPhone 12 and MagSafe puck getting hot during charging

iPhone 12 and MagSafe puck getting hot during charging.

Your MagSafe charger gets very warm while charging your iPhone 12 and you’re wondering if this is normal or not? Will this shorten the battery life of your Apple smartphone? In most cases this shouldn’t be a problem. However, you do have to make a difference between warm and hot. If the MagSafe puck gets so hot that you can’t hold it without feeling a burning sensation on your finger, your device could experience a problem.

Why Is iPhone Hot During Wireless Charging?

If you haven’t charged an iPhone wirelessly before, you might be surprised about the fact that the MagSafe charger warms up during the process. That’s because wireless charging is a less efficient way to transfer energy, when compared to the classic wired procedure. Air doesn’t conduct electricity as good as wire. That’s why heat is generated.

The iPhone gets hot during inductive wireless charging because the battery is not able to absorb and store 100% of the energy that it gets from the MagSafe charging puck. This inefficiency is converted to heat.
iPhone 12 magsafe charging port schematics
One would expect the new MagSafe system to be more energy efficient and thus generate less heat than the traditional charging pads. However, we’re also dealing with a smaller surface that’s used for transferring the energy. Thus the entire power transfer occurs through the circular charging coil embedded on the back of the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Charging Tips For Less Heat

There’s not much that you can do to make your device warm up less during charging. Here is what you can check:

1. Remove Case

We’ve received a report about a MagSafe puck that was getting very warm after only a couple of minute of charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max.
The situation improved when the user removed the case. Any additional layer that comes between the device and the puck can only increase the energy transfer inefficiency, thus generate more heat.

2. Avoid Fast Charging

Quick charging forces even more energy through the same surface. This automatically generates additional heat and the MagSafe puck is prone to overheating. It’s not the charger that you should be worried of. If the puck gets hot the back of your iPhone will also, along with the battery. Does a hot battery age faster? Check the conclusion of this article.

3. Clean MagSafe Puck

In time, the Magsafe puck can become greasy or accumulate various impurities that might cause it to lose energy transfer efficiency. Clean it regularly with a soft wipe.

4. Ventilated Area

If you charge your iPhone in a hot environment, changes of the MagSafe charger getting hot increase. Chose a ventilated area and make sure that both device and charger are helped in dissipating heat.
Fact: If you’re using an iPhone 12 docking station or a flush mount adapter for your desk, make sure that they have holes, or other spaces that permit heat from dissipating.

Should I Be Worried?

Unless your iPhone is very hot while charging, there shouldn’t be any problems. Even if the device is getting too hot, it will automatically stop the charging process and shutdown. The iPhone 12 Pro Max model, because of its bigger size, might be more prone to overheating.

Although serious overheating could degraded your battery faster than usual, wireless charging has proven itself to be a battery lifespan extender. That’s because users that charge wirelessly tend to charge multiple times during a day and prevent their iPhone battery from reaching low levels. Li-Ion batteries live longer if you keep them charged towards the higher-end. That’s why iOS prompts you to charge your device when the battery reaches 20%.

More: The wireless Qi chargers will automatically stop the charging process when the battery is fully charged, compared to the wired chargers that will continue to bombard your iPhone with energy until you unplug. (unless Optimized Battery Charging kicks in)

Are you experiencing abnormal iPhone 12 overheating during MagSafe charging? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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