How To Change Memoji Clothes In iOS 15

Memoji Clothes iOS 15

Memoji Clothes iOS 15

In iOS 15 you’re able to change Memoji clothes to match your real life style and looks! You can choose from a wide variety of shirts, jackets and dresses. There are multiple outfits and colors that you can pick. All this thanks to the new Clothing section available in the Memoji app, in Messages!

How To Change Memoji Clothes

how to change memoji clothes in ios 15

  • 1. Open Messages and tap on the Memoji icon, available in the bottom app scrubber.
  • 2. Browse to your Memoji and tap the three dots icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • 3. Go for Edit.
  • 4. Swipe-left on the horizontal Memoji categories to scroll all the way to the end, until you reach Clothing.
  • how to change memoji clothes and colors

  • 5. Select which part of the outfit you want to edit: Main, Second or Third.
  • 6.Pick the desired color and adjust the shade
    Tip: Outfits have two or three editable color sections. Select your clothing and adjust the colors to match a stylish look.
  • 7. Browse through the various available Memoji Outfits and pick the one that represents you.
    Tip: Swipe on your Memoji preview available at the top of the screen, to check out the new outfit from all angles!
  • 8. Tap Done when ready.

Memoji Clothes In iOS 15

Memoji Outfits iOS 15

  • The Clothing category for Memoji has been added in the iOS 15 Developer Beta 2 release. At the time of writing you can choose from 42 different outfits.
  • You can find various t-shirt models, long-sleeve pullovers, dresses, jackets, kimonos and more.
  • Memoji clothes are designed to display the topside, because Memojis on iPhone and iPad only display the top part of your character.
  • You can set up three outfits for the various stages of your day. You can edit a work outfit, one for leisure at home and another for your favorite activity.

Do you plan to use the new iOS 15 Memoji Clothing feature? Is there an outfit that you would like to wear and is currently not available? Which one? Is your Memoji wearing a face mask? Use the comments section and let us know.

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