iPhone 12 Pro Max Not Charging Wirelessly With MagSafe (Fix?)

iPhone 12 Pro Max not charging error

iPhone 12 Pro Max not charging error

Is your brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max not charging wirelessly with Apple’s original MagSafe charger? You’re not the only one affected by this problem. One of our readers Brac, has just reported that his recently purchased iPhone 12 Pro Max unit, with no case on it, running iOS 14.2, isn’t charging at all when using the MagSafe puck!

We’ve previously got reports about iPhone 12 models that are getting stuck on the MagSafe charging animation, but this issue had been fixed by the iOS 14.2 software update. It’s also known that the new MagSafe puck is charging older iPhone models very slow, but we never received a complaint about an iPhone 12 not charging when connected to MagSafe.

iPhone 12 Not Charging With Magsafe Causes

It’s too early to tell if this problem is caused by a manufacturing flaw or it can be fixed with a software update.
The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max models have just started to arrive to customers, because Apple began to sell them later, not in the same time with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. That’s most likely because supply chain constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Could these supply problems cause a lower standard in manufacturing quality? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame Apple for intentionally shipping out poorly manufactured devices. But pressure on the Chinese factories to rush out the products for launch before the holiday season, might have caused them to unwillingly use lower quality parts. However, this is just a supposition, as the iPhone 12 Pro Max charging problem is just an isolated case, at the time of writing. Will have to wait and see if this flares up!

How To Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Not Charging

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that you can do at the moment to fix this error. Some basic troubleshooting steps are:

  • Change Power Outlet and filter out the possibility of a broken power supply.
  • Reboot iPhone, using the force restart trick and try to MagSafe charge again.
  • If possible, use the same MagSafe puck to charge another iPhone that supports wireless charging.
  • Workaround: regular wired charging should work normally. Use the standard wired USB-C to Lightning charger, that’s still shipped in the box, to charge your iPhone 12.

Fact: Don’t get your hopes too high though because the user that initially reported this problem to us, has attempted all these troubleshooting tips and none worked. More the same MagSafe charger, works with a different iPhone 12 model. This clearly indicates a charging problem (software or hardware) on the iPhone 12 Pro Max!

Updated (December 31)

Extra Fix For iPhone 12 MagSafe Charging Issue

Austin has shared in the comments section that he managed to get his iPhone 12 Pro Max charging by rebooting the device while still connected to the MagSafe charging puck! Apparently, the iPhone starts charging as soon as iOS finishes booting up!
Please try this troubleshooting tip and confirm if it works for you too, using the comments section available below!

Fact: iOS 14 doesn’t have a Settings option to enable/disable wireless MagSafe charging, so there’s no setting that you could tweak to make this work. Your only option is to contact Apple support and ask for help. If the problem is hardware related you will surly be offered a replacement unit, or asked to wait for a software update if this is caused by an iOS 14.3 bug.

If your iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 mini is also experiencing MagSafe charging problems, please use the comments section available below and share your feedback. We’re curious about how widespread this issue is. We also plan to use this topic to submit this feedback about this problem to Apple.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Not Charging Report

Here is a quote of the initial feedback:

I just received my IPhone 12 Pro Max. My phone does not charge at all with the MagSafe. I am running iOS 14.2. No case and I’ve tried multiple outlets, plugs and power cycled several times. Nothing works. The same MagSafe charges my wife’s 12 Pro perfectly. So sorry I’m thinking the Max has an issue unknown to Apple at this point.

Related: There is a known iPhone 12 MagSafe related bug that alters the Lock Screen sound on your device when a MagSafe case is attached to it. You can read more about it here.
Did you know that you can 3D print your own MagSafe charging dock or a flush mount adapter?