How To Disable AMBER Alerts On iPhone

amber alert notification on iphone

AMBER Alert for missing car received on iPhone.

Has your iPhone ever flashed you with a missing person warning prompt, accompanied by a loud alert? U.S. citizens often receive these kind of messages, if their iOS device is configured to broadcast various government alerts! They are also called AMBER alerts. AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response and it’s the government’s way of reporting kidnappings, car disappearances and other similar crimes.

AMBER alerts are reaching your iPhone via the same notifications system used by the stock Messages app. iOS devices are configured, by default, to be able to receive these alerts. What’s annoying is that because of the importance of the warning, AMBER alarms are allowed to bypass the Do Not Disturb mode. A loud alert beeping on your iPhone during a very important meeting is in most cases unwanted. Here is how to disable AMBER alerts, at least temporary.

iphone amber alerts setting Disable and Enable AMBER Alerts For iPhone
Important: Before you choose to turn off warnings about child abductions you have to be fully aware of the consequences. Every turnoff lowers the chances of finding the missing person!
1. Tap on the Settings icon available on the iOS Home Screen.
2. Browse for the Notifications menu.
3. Scroll all the way down to the Government Alerts section.
4. Tap the knob next to the AMBER Alerts label to disable them. Perform the same procedure if you want to enable them back.

Fact: The Government Alerts section from the iOS Settings app is only available in countries that support AMBER or Emergency alerts under the form of text messages. If you can’t find these options it means that the service isn’t available in your country.