How To Read The Google Maps Parking Difficulty Indicator

google maps parking difficulty indicator

Google Maps Parking Difficulty indicator.

Google Maps is probably the best navigation app available for smartphones no matter if we talk about the iPhone or any other Android device. Today, it expanded one of its latest features that provides parking availability information to its users. Basically, the live traffic indicator also extends to parking grounds. The feature was already available in the United States, but has now been expanded to various cities around the world including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in Canada, London and Manchester in the United Kingdom, Stuttgart, Darmstadt and Cologne from Germany and 17 other cities.

The new Parking Difficulty indicator is especially useful when you’re traveling to a new city and you’re not aware about how busy parking grounds are, at various times of the day. A crowded park place will allow you to modify your route, avoid congestion and head towards an area that can accommodate your car. The indicator can display either the “moderate” or the “limited” label to inform you about parking places in the proximity of your destination, as exemplified in the print-screen available nearby.

Availability Of Parking Difficulty Indicator
Along the United States, the parking availability indicator is covering the following cities: Alicante, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Cologne, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, London, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toronto, Valencia, Vancouver.
Fact: Further expansion is expected in the near future!

google maps parking suggestions Google Maps and Parking Garages
U.S. citizens are now able to find recommendations of parking garages available nearby their destination, along with the walking time for reaching the actual terminus. Tap on Add Parking and the garage will be added to your route. Although this latest parking feature is now available only to Android users, it’s expected for Google to expand the availability to iOS members too.

Tip: If you parked your car in a new location are afraid you might have difficulties to return to it, you can set parking location pin or allow your iPhone to memorize the location of your parked car, whenever you step out of it.