How To Disable Auto-Correction When Typing On iPhone And iPad

iphone unwanted keyboard auto-correction

Unwanted iPhone Keyboard Auto-Correction interference.

If you’re new to iOS or have recently started using your iPhone and iPad for typing in multiple languages, there is a high chance that you might be annoyed by the Auto-Correction feature, an option that is automatically enabled in your iPhone’s built-in keyboard. This automatically replaces words that you type, with the correct spelling of the language that the iPhone is configured for. If you set up United States as the country of origin when you first configured your iPhone, the native iOS keyboard will always auto-correct words that it identifies as misspelled.

However, if you have a contact that’s not an English speaker and you write a text in a foreign language, your iPhone will still auto-correct words that can be “falsely” detected as misspelled English content by your iOS device. This is annoying because it forces you to re-type certain words, to undo the iPhone’s interference. It also requires you to double check your content before sending, in order to avoid embarrassing compositions. If you’re a quick-typer you surly want to temporarily or permanently disable Auto-Correction!

How To Disable iOS Auto-Correction Feature
how to disable iphone keyboard auto-correction 1. Open the Settings app from the iPhone / iPad Home screen.
2. Tap on the General menu.
3. Scroll for Keyboard and open it.
4. Tap the knob next to the Auto-Correction label to toggle the feature OFF.
Fact: Repeat the procedure if you finish writing in a foreign language and want to enjoy this feature.

Important: Don’t mix up iOS Auto-Correction with Predictive typing or Check Spelling features. Predictive text anticipates your content and displays upcoming words in a bar available, above the keyboard, while spell checking identifies and highlights words that are not written correctly. None of them automatically interferes to change a word that you already typed. That’s only caused by the Auto-Correction option!

Tip: Do you know that iOS 11 makes the One-handed Quicktype keyboard available to iPhones too?