How To Download iOS Software Updates Over 5G Cellular Data

how to enable iOS 14 updates over 5G cellular data

How to enable iOS 14 updates over 5G Cellular Data.

A less known feature available with the iPhone 12 lineup allows users to download iOS software updates over cellular data. This is a first for iPhone! Until now, all iOS over-the-air software updates have been restricted to a Wi-Fi connectivity.

The iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are able to download and install iOS software updates using mobile data when a 5G connection is available and the ‘Allow More Data on 5G’ feature is turned ON!

How To Enable iOS Software Updates Over 5G

how to enable iOS software updates over 5G

  • 1. Open the Settings app.
  • 2. Tap on Cellular.
  • 3. Open the Cellular Data Options.
  • 4. Tap on Data Mode.
  • 5. Select Allow More Data on 5G
    Fact: Besides allowing iOS software update downloads over cellular data, this settings also provides higher-quality FaceTime calls, HD content on Apple TV and Apple Music songs and videos.
    Important: According to Apple, some carriers that provide unlimited-data plans might use this setting as default. Naturally, the ‘Allow More Data on 5G’ mode uses more cellular data, so use it with caution if you’re on a limited data plan!

Standard & Low Data Mode

The other two options Mobile Data options are: Standard and Low Data Mode.
– Standard: is in most cases the default option, and works as before. It allows automatic updates and background tasks to use your cellular data connection. Standard quality settings for FaceTime are used.
– Low Data Mode: has the same role as in iOS 13. It helps to reduce Wi-Fi and cellular data usage by disabling automatic updates and background tasks.

iPhone 12 5G Requirements

5G connectivity is currently limited to big cities in the United States. Other countries and regions might not support it at all, or provide coverage for very small areas. 5G coverage is extending daily, so make sure that you check with your carrier for availability. The requirements for connecting to a 5G network on iPhone are:

  • Own an iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro or Pro Max terminal.
  • Use a carrier that supports 5G in your region.
  • Make sure that you’re subscribed to a 5G cellular plan
  • Use a 5G compatible SIM card.

How To Connect iPhone 12 to 5G

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will automatically connect to 5G when available. However, make sure that the 5G Settings are configured properly:
how to configure 5G on iPhone 12

  • 1. Open the Settings app.
  • 2. Tap on Cellular.
  • 3. Open Cellular Data Options.
  • 4. Tap on Voice & Data.
  • 5. Select 5G Auto. This is the Smart Data mode for better battery life management. When 5G doesn’t make a difference the iPhone will automatically switch to LTE.
    Fact: The 5G On option will force 5G all the time, but will instead reduce battery life with up to 20% percent. The LTE setting will throttle the iPhone 12 to LTE speed even when 5G is available and could considerably increase your iPhone’s productivity.

5G Icons In Status Bar

5G on the iPhone 12 brings new status bar indicators. This way you know when your iPhone is connected to the faster network:
iPhone 12 5G UW status icon
5G – is displayed when standard 5G connectivity is available.
5G+ – shows up when higher-end 5G connectivity is available (limited to certain carriers).
5G UW – is displayed when ultra-wideband 5G from Verizon is available in your area and your iPhone has connected to it.
Fact: super fast 5G connectivity is currently limited to the United States and iPhone 12 models manufactured in the United States.

Do you have 5G coverage in your area. Have you performed your first iOS update over 5G mobile data? Let us know in the comments section available below.

Related: 5G is not available for iPhone 12 Dual SIM mode, unless you’re in China! Apple plans to provide 5G for Dual SIM in all other countries by the end of 2020!