How To Fix Apple Music Lyrics Grayed Out (Not Available)

Apple Music lyrics grayed out

Apple Music lyrics grayed out

Are you trying to sing along while playing a song in Apple Music but the lyrics aren’t available? Is the lyrics icon grayed out and you’re not able to bring up the verses on the screen? There are several reasons why the wording might be missing for track in Apple Music. Let’s check them out and go through the most common fixes.

How To Fix Apple Music Lyrics Grayed Out

1. New Song

The track that you’re playing could be very new and its lyrics might have not been added to the Apple Music library yet. In this case you have to be patient and check back later, or take the matter in your own hands and add the lyrics manually using Apple Music (on Mac computer) or iTunes (on Windows machine).
How To:
how to add lyrics to apple music song

  • Open Apple Music and search for the song in question.
  • Click the three-dots available in the bottom-left corner of the track’s thumbnail.
  • Go for Get Info.
  • Click on the Lyrics tab.
  • Enable Custom Lyrics.
  • Import the verses from a third-party source that you find on the web: perform a Google search for ‘[track name] lyrics’, copy the wording and paste them in the Apple Music tab.
  • Click OK to save the lyrics.
  • Tip: You do have to sync your Library with your iPhone for the lyrics to show up on your iOS device! Just connect your iPhone with your Mac and Windows computer and allow them to sync.

2. Restart Apple Music

If you’re trying to get the verses of a popular song and the Lyrics button is greyed out it means that something’s glitching. Your first troubleshooting option is to restart the Apple Music app:

How To: Open the App Switcher and swipe away the Apple Music card. You can also force restart your iPhone and see if that helps.

3. Apple Music Subscription

If you reach this step and the Apple Music lyrics button is still grayed out for a popular song, you should also check if you have an active Apple Music subscription. If the song is in your Library and you transferred it via iTunes, but there is no active Apple Music membership for your current Apple ID, lyrics won’t be shown.

How to: Browse for Settings -> Apple ID -> Subscriptions and check your active memberships.

Have you managed to fix Apple Music lyrics not available on your iPhone? Did any of the above troubleshooting steps help out? Are we missing something? Don’t hesitate to comment and share your feedback.

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