How To Fix Apple Watch Calories Not Accurate After Workout

Apple Watch calories not accurate

Apple Watch calories not accurate.

Is the Apple Watch calorie count not accurate after workout? Are the Total Calories way too high or much lower than what you expected? This issue is most of the times related to wrong profile settings on your watchOS device.

Apple Watch Calories Not Accurate

Barb has inquired about this problem on our watchOS 8.7 review page:

“I get a couple of thousands calories burned after a 50-min run. This is impossible. How can I fix?”

We could only replicate these ‘inaccurate’ results if we intentionally modify the users’s weight value and increase by x10.

Fact: However, if you use Siri to log your weight you might accidentally input a wrong weight, especially if you’re using decimals as confirmed by an user on this Reddit thread.

How To Fix Calories Not Accurate On Apple Watch

The first thing that you should do when you start getting inaccurate calorie count on Apple Watch is to check the settings for your profile:
inaccurate weight in health details

  • Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone and go to the My Watch tab.
  • Scroll for Health -> Health Details
  • Check your Weight. Is it accurate? If not, tap Edit and modify to match the reality.

    Tip: Values for height, gender and age also influence the calories burned calculation formula. So, make sure that everything matches the reality.

  • Fact: For example, logging your weight with Siri can end up erroneous if you’re using decimals. If you dictate 176.6 lb, the virtual assistant might log 1766 lb, because it fails to read the decimal point.

    A weight input that’s x10 bigger will cause a regular 500-calorie workout to log 5000 instead, which obviously is unreal!

    The same goes for height. If you log yourself accidentally as being much higher than you actually are the Apple Watch will estimate a longer stride, and this will result in more inaccurate workout measurements!

Credits to SuzyM for sharing this fix in the comments of our watchOS 8.7 review page.

Have you managed to fix Total Calories not accurate on Apple Watch? Did you apply a different solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

TIL: Apple Fitness app available without Apple Watch in iOS 16! Here are all the details!
how to edit weight in health on iphone
In this case you can adjust your weight and height in the Health app. Tap your Profile icon (top-right corner) and then go for Medical ID -> Edit.

Another Fix For Calories Not Accurate

Calorie count might seem inaccurate if the unit measure is accidentally changed: