How To Fix Apple Watch Screen Flickering Green In Sunlight

apple watch flickering green

Apple Watch flickering green.

Is your Apple Watch screen flickering green when you’re not using it? Does this happen when your watchOS device is exposed to direct and bright sunlight? Is the Watch flashing green fullscreen or in alternating areas of the display? This is a common Apple Watch issue that’s apparently caused by a design flaw of the Series 5. However, the problem could also be caused by the Ambient Light sensor and thus affect other models like the Series 4 and 6.!

How To Fix Apple Watch Flickering Green

The first troubleshooting step that you should apply is to force restart your watchOS device. However, those that tried this fix haven’t been successful and the green flickering continued.

Disable Always On Display

The LPTO OLED display switches to 1hz and this causes in some cases the Apple Watch screen to flicker when the Always On feature is enabled. You can eliminate the cause by disabling AOD:
how to disable always on apple watch

  • Click the Digital Crown and scroll for Settings.
  • Go for Display & Brightness.
  • Tap on Always On and disable the feature!
  • Fact: The downside of this fix is that it will stop your Apple Watch from always showing the time. You will have to raise your wrist to light up the display and check the time as required by older Apple Watch generations.

Conclusion: Because the Apple Watch flashing green is most likely caused by a know design problem, Apple should replace your Apple Watch Series 5. However, there is a big chance that the replacement unit will be plagued with the same issue!

Is your Apple Watch also blinking green when you expose it to direct sunlight? Which model are you owning? Does disabling Always On display help out? Have you attempted to get a replacement unit? Use the comments section available below and share your feedback. Any additional info regarding this issue is highly appreciated.

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