How To Protect Your iPhone With Activation Lock

iphone activation lock status check

iPhone Activation Lock status check.

Starting with iOS 7 Apple has added a new security feature that aims to protect the privacy of the data stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This system is called Activation Lock and has the role to block third party users from accessing your information, in case your iOS device is lost or stolen. This makes your gadget harder to re-use or re-sell and is intended to discourage thieves in the first place.

Activation Lock is directly linked to the Find My iPhone app. In fact, it get’s automatically activated when you enable Apple’s native app, that has the role to pinpoint the exact location of your smartphone. This additional security system practically inquires for your Apple ID log-in credentials, whenever an important permission, that could affect the privacy of your data, is triggered. For example, a third party user won’t only need to bypass your iPhone’s Passcode, to tweak important settings, but also need your Apple ID username and passowrd details.

How To Enable Activation Lock on your iOS Device
find my iphone icloud turn on setting As mentioned above this additional security layer is activated together with the Find My iPhone feature. To enable Find My iPhone you have to sign-in to your iCloud account. This is usually done when you first configure your iOS device. However, if you chose to Skip This Step you can set up an Apple ID later, at any time from the Settings app. Open it and scroll for iCloud. Now, type your Apple ID log-in details and tap Sign In.
Next, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up asking for your acceptance to allow iCloud to use the Location of Your iPhone. This enables all Find My iPhone features. Hit OK and the iCloud Activation Lock is enabled!

When Does Activation Lock Ask For Your Password?
activation lock asking for apple id pasword There are three important actions protected by Activation Lock. This function will require your Apple ID password in case you wish to tweak one of the following settings:
Turn Off Find My iPhone: Your iPhone’s exact location can be shown on a map with the help of this service. More, the device is programmed to automatically send its last location when battery level becomes critically low. If you or anyone else attempts to disable this option, Activation Lock kicks in and asks for your iCloud password.

Sign Out of your iCloud Account: If you plan to sell or giveaway your iPhone; or you just wish to create a new iCloud account, you have to log out from the old one first. The Apple ID password of your initial account has to be provided, in order to confirm the sign out. This protects your device in the case of unauthorized change of ownership.
Erase and Reconfigure iOS Device: If you lose your iPhone whoever finds it has to erase and reactivate it in order to gain full access to all its functions. However, even if your 4 or 6-digit passcode is compromised, Activation Lock will ask for your Apple ID credentials when the Erase All Content and Settings command is triggered!

Tip: Make sure that your Apple ID password is both secure and easy to remember. You shouldn’t use it on any other account, to avoid compromising it. In case you forget it, don’t panic! There are several ways to reset it.

How To Check The Activation Lock Status
iphone activation lock status off If you intend to purchase an used iOS device, check if it’s unlocked by visiting Enter the iPhone’s IMEI or Serial Number, input the verification code shown in the image and tap Continue. The iCloud website will quickly inform you about the Activation Lock status of the checked gadget.
It can either be locked and you’re prompted with info about exact device model and date when the protection was set up. Else, you’re informed that “This device can be activated by a new user.”