How To Set Up A Empty Home Screen On Your iPhone And iPad

blank iPhone Home Screen

Blank iPhone Home Screen.

If you’re an experienced iPhone user you most likely tried, in the very first iOS versions, to create a blank Home Screen without too much success. I’m talking about an empty Home view that doesn’t host a single app icon. However, this is now possible because Apple has quietly started to allow iOS users to set up a clean Home Screen page, with the amendment, that you can fully empty only the first card. No intermediary or last screen positions are available for this trick.

Why would I want to use an empty Home Screen in the first place, one might ask? Well some of us like the minimalist designs and love to have a clear view of the wallpaper most of the time (especially if your loved ones are featured in it). Nowadays, there are plenty ways to reach the shortcuts for your popular apps, starting with the right-swipe for the new Widgets-view, that can host your Siri app suggestions. The swipe-down from anywhere on the Home Screen opens up the proactive Spotlight Search, along with the already mentioned Siri app suggestions.

How To Set Up A Blank Home Screen
empty iPhone Home ScreenConsidering that only the first Home page can be fully emptied, you have two options:
1. Open up a new Home Screen page by pressing,holding and dragging, rightwards, an icon from the last card currently available. Continue with this pattern until you shift all your app shortcuts and folders with one tab towards the right. The content from the main Home Screen will become available on page 2 , while card 1 is left blank. This method is a bit more time consuming but keeps all your apps in the same order.

switching between iphone home screen cards 2. The more rapid solution is to move all apps from the main Home Page at the rear end, in the newly opened Home Screen card. This technique requires you only to drag the icons from the main screen, while all the others stay in place. However, this might not be the preferred one, because the first Home card usually stores the most important apps. And downgrading them all the way back of the end of the line could be a real shocker and time wasting move. Remember, that you can jump from first to last, you can only browse page-by-page forwards or backwards!

Fact: This change has been implemented with the introduction of iOS 8.0. However not many of us did notice it right away!