How To Snooze Or Stop An iPhone Alarm Without Looking At The Display?

iPhone ringing Alarm screen.

iPhone ringing Alarm screen.

The iOS Alarm Clock is probably one of the most used functions of your iPhone. If you work on a daily schedule you surly have to use the morning alarm to wake up. However, depending on the day of the week you might wanna snooze in a little more during weekdays, or even cancel the alarm completely if its a weekend and you aim to tuck under your blanket indefinitely.

No matter which the situation is, you have the unpleasant task to grab your iPhone, take a sneak peek at the display and tap the appropriate button. That’s extremely annoying especially when you want to immediately stop or snooze the alarm, because you’ll surly have a hard time in hitting the desired command, simply because iOS comes with a tiny Snooze button, when compared to the screen’s real estate. Not to mention that if you’re aiming to tap on Stop it’s almost impossible in that dizzy morning state.

snoozing iphone alarm with volume button Snooze iPhone Alarm Without Taping Display
Luckily there’s a small trick available that allows you to delay an alarm without needing to open your eyes and fumble for the required tab:
Tip: Click one of the Volume buttons or the Sleep/Wake button to snooze your iPhone’s alarm.
Fact: The snoozing interval of your iPhone can’t be tweaked. iOS sets it automatically to 9 minutes! You can postpone the alarm several times though, in 9-minute loops.

iphone snooze alarm screen Stop iPhone Alarm Without Tapping The Display
There’s a shortcut for the Stop button too. Press the Home button to abort the iPhone’s wake up call without needing to look at the device. Do make sure that you use a finger that has its print registered with Touch ID.
Tip: This trick works only for iPHone 5S and later devices.
Fact: Do mind that by stopping an alarm and not raising yourself from your bed comes with high chances of sleeping out important events.

Fact: If you plan ahead and change your morning schedule you can ask Siri to cancel all your alarms!