How To Stop Receiving Duplicate Message Notifications On iPhone

iPhone receiving duplicate text message

iPhone receiving duplicate text Messages.

An unpleasant glitch that notifies you twice about the arrival of the same text Message might occur on your Apple smartphone. In fact, in some cases this can’t be considered a flaw, because iOS comes with a setting that allows your iPhone to alert you twice about a SMS or iMessage. Why? Because some people might overlook the initial warning. However, you can still end up receiving doubled notifications even if the Repeat Alerts setting is inactive.

However, in this case, we surely have to talk about an iMessage glitch, because duplicate alerts will only occur for texts received via Apple’s free messaging system. Either something went wrong when you registered your iPhone to the iMessage service, or the settings on your iOS device aren’t precise enough and leave the door open for this minor flaw to occur. Read on and find out how to solve this duplicate message error.

3 Ways To Fix Duplicate Message Notifications

iPhone repeat alerts option Please apply these tips in the order listed below. If the first one doesn’t solve the issue, continue to the second and so on:
1. Turn Off Repeat Alerts
Grab your iPhone and tap on the Home screen Settings icon. Enter the Notifications menu and scroll for the Messages label. Tap it and scroll all the way down to check the Repeat Alerts status. It has to be set to Never, to avoid duplicate text notifications. If another value is displayed next to its label, tap it. You’ll notice the Never, Once, Twice, 3 Times, 5 Times and 10 Times options. Select Never and tap the back arrow, top-left corner of the screen, to save your selection and return to the previous menu.
Fact: If active, alerts repeat at two-minute intervals.

2. Enable/Disable iMessage

imessage waiting for activation settings If the duplicate text alerts continue to unfold on your iPhone after solving Step 1, it means that the glitch is surely of iMessage origin. Sometimes, errors might occur when registering to Apple’s free messaging service. A quick fix that you can try is to temporary deactivate the service and turn it back on a few moments later.
Open Settings on your iOS device again and tap on Messages. Now, tap the knob next to iMessage to disable it. Wait a few seconds and switch the knob again to enable.
Fact: When you turn iMessage off your iPhone de-registers from the service. Enabling it back will make your iPhone to register again and thus filter out the duplicate error.

3. Send & Receive Settings

remove imessage email A third fix can be found in the iMessage setup. Return to the iOS Settings menu, tap on Messages and open the Send & Receive setting. You will most probably notice 2 Addresses set up, for receiving iMessages. This means that the free messages can be sent to you, via your Phone number and the email address used for your Apple ID. If you’re involved in a group conversation and a contact is dispatching messages to your Phone number and the other via mail you’ll end up with duplicate iMessages on your iPhone. These cases are rare, but you can opt to delete the mail address from settings and allow your device to receive blue texts only via your phone number.
How To: Tap the “i” next to the mail address. On the new screen choose Remove This Email and the duplicate notifications should be a thing of the past!

Did you manage to stop the repeating message notifications on your iPhone? Which fix was efficient for you? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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