iOS 14.8 Security Update Patches PDF Vulnerability

iOS 14.8 update

iOS 14.8 update

Apple has rolled out iOS 14.8 with build number 18H17. This minor but very important security update is recommended to all users owning an iPhone 6S or later. It patches a vulnerability that would allow malicious crafted PDFs to execute arbitrary code. It’s an issue that might have been actively exploited!

iOS 14.8 comes only a few days before the major iOS 15 release and around 2 months after the release of iOS 14.7 that introduced MagSafe Battery Pack support for iPhone!

iOS 14.8 Download

iOS 14.8 download
This latest software update is available over-the-air. Your iPhone will download it automatically if Automatic Updates are enabled. However, you can rush the update by opening Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Tap Download and Install. Provide Passcode and be patient until the 393.1 MB large update file is downloaded and prepared for update. Confirm the Install if required and iOS 14.8 update will be verified and deployed on your iPhone.

Fact: iPadOS 14.8 is also available for download. It brings the same security updates.

iOS 14.8 Release Notes

Apple only mentions “important security updates” in the change log, recommending the update for all users.

The iOS 14.8 security content provides more info regarding the vulnerabilities that have been patched in this release:

  • "Processing a maliciously crafted PDF may lead to arbitrary code execution".
    Fix: This issue has been fixed by adding improved input validation to an integer overflow.
  • "Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution".
    Fix: This issue has been fixed with improved memory management.

iOS 14.8 Features

Apple doesn’t mention any new features coming in iOS 14.8. However, we did manage to spot some minor changes during the update process:

  • Software Update logo has been changed and the gear icon showcasing the iOS version number has been replaced with a number representing the current iOS generation.
    iOS 14 logo in software update screen
  • See What’s Coming in iOS 15 – Apple promotes the next major iOS release, with a Learn More notification displayed at the top of the Software Update screen.
    iOS 15 preview teaser in software update
    Fact: Tap it and you will open the iOS 15 Preview section of the Tips app.
  • To be updated…

iOS 14.8 Bugs

Apple doesn’t mention any bug fixes included in iOS 14.8, excepting the security patch mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to comment if you noticed any fixed issues. Also, please share your feedback if you’re hit by any new bugs:


To be updated.

Not Fixed

To be updated.


To be updated.

Have you updated to iOS 14.8? Did you spot any new features? What about bugs? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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macOS Big Sur 11.6, iPadOS 14.8 and watchOS 7.6.2 have been also released alongside iOS 14.8!