iOS 16.2 b Security Response Update For Beta 3 iPhones

iOS 16.2 b security response

iOS 16.2 b Security Response

Apple has released iOS 16.2 b Security Response update build number 20C7750490f for all iPhones running iOS 16.2 Beta 3. This is the 2nd Rapid Security Response rolled out by Apple after 16.2 (a) (20C7750490e), seeded almost two weeks ago.

iOS 16.2 b Security Response

This is most likely another test release, as Apple plans to roll out the Rapid Security Response feature together with the public release of iOS 16.2, expected this December.

The release notes mention the standard “important security fixes” and is recommended to all users messages, that will most likely be a default. for public releases too.

A link to the security content of this Rapid Security Response update is also provided, but it won’t unveil any info, because this is just a test launch.

iOS 16.2 (b) Security Response Update

iOS 16.2 b security response update

  • This minor update is available over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install and provide your iPhone’s passcode.
  • Go for Install Now after the download is completed.
  • Fact: Version 16.2 b is 2 Mb large and takes a couple of minutes to request, prepare, verify and install.

iOS 16.2 (b) Security Update Q & A

Does an iOS Security Response update require a restart?

Yes, iPhone will reboot at the end of the process, similar to a regular software update.
ios 16.2 b verifying security response

Can you revert an iOS Rapid Security Response Update?

Yes, you can remove it any time in Settings -> General -> iOS Version -> Remove Security Response.
remove ios 16.2 b security response

iOS 16.2 b Issues

Problems reported after or during this update are listed here:

  • To be updated. (Contribute in the comments)

Have you installed iOS 16.2 b security response update? Do you have any questions or issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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