iPhone 12 Small Notch Schematics With Hardware Setup Placement

iPhone 12 small notch schematics

iPhone 12 small notch schematics.

Another alleged leak of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro has recently hit Twitter. Jon Prosser has uploaded a CAD sketch that shows how Apple plan to accomplish the smaller notch design for the upcoming 2020 flagship. The nearby image is a fine tuned image based on the original leak, available lower in this article. CAD illustrations are usually leaked by various Apple partners, but we’re not sure yet how authentic this image is.

However, there have been numerous reports that have confirmed that the iPhone 12 will pack a smaller notch. The most recent and trustworthy one is the Bloomberg report, that we’ve mentioned here. Alongside the smaller notch the iPhone 12 Pro should also be equipped with a LiDAR sensor, packet in the main Camera module. On top of that we should expect a design change, with Apple opting for flat edges and more sharply rounded corners.

iphone 12 original small notch schematics leak iPhone 12 Small Notch Configuration
To get back at the main topic of this article, the slimmer notch of the 2020 iPhone flagships should be achieved by removing the speaker from the notch setup and embedding it in the top bezel. The new notch should include from left to right: Infrared camera, Flood illuminator, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Front camera and Dot projector.
Fact: You might have noticed that there’s no microphone figured in the drawing. According to the leaker, the microphone will come along the speaker in the upper bezel!

Size: All these changes should help Apple to manufacture the new notch at 1/3 of its initial size!

What do you think about the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup? Do you fancy the smaller notch? Take a look at this render and see what to expect!

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