iPhone 13 Cases And Screen Protectors Available For Sale

iPhone 13 cases

iPhone 13 cases

Surprisingly or not, iPhone 13 cases and screen protectors are already available for sale! You can now purchase protective cases and films for the 2021 iPhone flagships and get them shipped to your door step weeks before the expected unveiling of the actual devices.

The iPhone 13 release date is rumored to be September 17, but case makers and iPhone accessory suppliers have already received dummy models and have been able to manufacture the first iPhone 13 protective cases.

How To Buy iPhone 13 Cases Now

The very early adopters have already purchases iPhone 13 cases from online Chinese retail webstores like Alibaba or Aliexpress. However, ordering iPhone 13 accessories from China does come with long shipping times.

Fortunately, iPhone 13 cases and protective covers have already become available on Amazon, which means that they’re a few click and only a few days away from reaching your doorstep.

If you purchase iPhone 13 cases now, you will receive them before you get the chance to buy the flagship!

iPhone 13 Cases On Amazon

Some of the new protective cases currently in stock on Amazon are:

1. Milomdoi Shockproof iPhone 13 Case ($16.99)

Milomdoi iphone 13 case
Models: iPhone 13
Features: Wireless, Slim Fit, Heavy Duty Protection
Colors: Black
MagSafe: Not confirmed

2. Doris Boutique Silicone Case For iPhone 13 ($19.99)

doris boutique iPhone 13 silicone case
Models: iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max
Features: Liquid Silicone, Slim Fit
Colors: Black, Ivory, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow
MagSafe: No

3. Elegant Choice iPhone 13 Case ($14.86)

elegant choice iphone 13 pro case
Models: iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max
Features: Integrated Kickstand, Cardholder, Beltclip and Magnetic Car mount.
Colors: Black, Red
MagSafe: No

4. IMBZBK Shockproof iPhone 13 Pro Max Case ($18.95)

IMBZBK iPhone 13 pro case
Models: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Features: Military Grade Protection, Wireless Charging Support, Great Grip
Colors: Black
MagSafe: Not confirmed

iPhone 13 Screen Protectors

Protective screen covers for the upcoming iPhone 13 Series have also surfaced on Amazon.

1. Mr.Shield Screen Protector for iPhone 13 ($6.95)

iphone 13 screen protectors
Models: iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Tap here for iPhone 13 mini!
Features: Made of Japan Hardest Glass, High Scratch Resistance, Smooth and high touch responsive with Superb Oleophobic Coating.

2. To be updated…

iPhone 13 Cases That Already Shipped

The first photos with customers holding iPhone 13 cases have surfaced on Twitter:

  • @JasoniCrashYT uploaded and iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case with a huge cutout for main camera module, that bumps out more than before, confirming the rumors of a more prominent camera protrusion.
    iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case
  • @davidkrammer_ has also shared his iPhone 13 Pro Max case.
    iPhone 13 Pro Max case

iPhone 13 Screen Protectors Delivered

Popular iPhone leaker @duanrui1205 has also shared an iPhone 13 screen protector on Twitter.
iphone 13 screen protector

Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 13 Series? Which model are you looking to buy? Will you jump the gun and purchase a case and screen protector before the actual release? Don’t hesitate to share your photos if you’re already in possession of an iPhone 13 case!

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