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iphone 13 pro max yellow screen of death

iPhone 13 Pro Max Yellow Screen Of Death Problem? (Fix?)

Having the iPhone 13 yellow screen problem? Updated device to the latest iOS version and screen turned yellow or green with many horizontal lines across it? The touchscreen works normally but the display is completely bricked?…

iPhone 13 Macro Mode toggle in Camera

iPhone 13 Macro Mode Toggle In Camera App (New In iOS 15.2)

Starting with iOS 15.2 the iPhone 13 Pro Macro Mode can be turned On and Off manually in the Camera app. A new Macro icon is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the viewfinder when the appropriate settings are configured….

iPhone 13 Pro Max scratch on screen

iPhone 13 Screen Scratches Easily? (Yes/No)

Is the iPhone 13 screen scratching easily? Did you manage to scratch your brand new smartphone without doing anything out of the ordinary? If the scratch isn’t too deep you might be able to cover it with a screen protector!…

iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating in Safari

iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating In Safari (Left Side Area)

Is your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating weeks after you started using it? Is the left side of the device getting hot? In the area of the Volume buttons? Does this happen when you browse the web in Safari?…

iPhone 13 blurry photos issue

iPhone 13 Photos Blurry, Low Quality, Too Processed? (Fix!)

Are iPhone 13 photos blurry? Do they look as if they’ve been oil painted during post-processing? You’re owning the most advanced iPhone Camera ever built but the photos shoot with your brand new device are unnatural? Users also label it as the iPhone 13 water color issue!…