iPhone 14 Gap Between Frame And Screen (How To Fix!)

iphone 14 pro gap between frame and screen

iPhone 14 Pro gap between frame and screen exposing internals

iPhone 14 shipped with a slight gap between the frame and screen? Are you able to see the device’s internals if you carefully inspect the device? You’re not the only one and this problem isn’t new either!

iPhone 14 Gap Between Frame And Screen?

We’ve covered an identical manufacturing flaw for the iPhone 13 series and it seems that the problem has carried on to the new 2022 flagships as reported by Amber:
“I have the same gap above earpiece on my brand new iPhone 14 Pro. Unbelievable!”

We’ve found a similar complaint on Reddit and the Mac Rumors forums.

Most frequently the gap is present in the top area of the device, just above the earpiece, but in more extreme cases the gap can be noticed on the sides too as reported by Alex:

I noticed there is a gap between screen and frame. It is only on the left side of my iPhone 13 pro starting from the bottom part where the left speaker position and it goes up to near the volume down button. I think it is a huge gap.”

Gap Doesn’t Affect Water Resistance

iPhone 13 gap between frame and screen
Alex informs that staff from the Apple Store has confirmed that the gap doesn’t affect the device’s water resistance:

“They told me this gap has nothing to do with the water resistance because there is a sealing under the gap that keeps the iPhone water resistant but when you pay more that 1000 bucks for a high end phone at least you expect to have a phone with nothing like this.”

How To Fix iPhone 14 Gap Between Screen And Frame

According to several reports from last year, you should be able to replace your device without too many problems, as confirmed by Seth:

“Just received my replacement today. It’s perfect, day and night difference. So happy I chose to return it.”

However, be aware of the following aspects when you visit an Apple Store to report the issue.

1. Check Display Models

First, inspect the display units available in the showroom. Most likely, they will be airtight edge to edge. If Apple staff tries to persuade you that the gap is normal, just show them one of the units displayed in their shop to prove them wrong.

2. No Screen Replacement!

Most of the time you will be awarded a replacement unit. However, in some cases the Apple employee might suggest a free screen replacement.

Don’t accept it. Your iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max shipped with a slight imperfection in the chassis. A screen replacement won’t fix the gap, because screens are all the same size as they’re precisely cut.

The flaw lies with the frame! If you accept the screen replacement you might not be able to request a replacement unit once the gap is still there after the replacement. This happened to Dillon:

“Noticed a gap on my 13 Pro Max between the earpiece & frame where I could see the internals. Took it to Apple & they said it’s not supposed to look like that & to get a screen replacement. Got the replacement & ended up with a BIGGER GAP that stretched across the entire top of the phone to the point that I could slide paper INSIDE the phone…When I pointed this out to them…Suddenly the gap was normal & there was nothing they could do because there was ‘nothing wrong.'” (entire comment available here)

Have you managed to get your iPhone 14 replaced? Are you experiencing other problems? Share your feedback in the comments. We’re here to help!

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