iPhone Storage Full Notification Issue Fixed In iOS 15.6.1?

iPhone storage full issue

iPhone Storage Full issue

The storage full notification issue is one of the oldest and most persisting bugs of iOS 15. Now, that we’re nearing the crossover to iOS 16, some readers still report the problem in iOS 15.6.1 even if Apple confirmed that’s been fixed in the update log of iOS 15.6.

iPhone Storage Full Issue

ios 15.6 update log
Several readers complain that they’re still getting the Storage full notification although the iPhone / iPad has plenty storage available:

  • Linda (iPhone 11):
    “Update 15.6 did not fix the problem of error message that out of storage.”
  • Jack (iPhone SE):
    “Using brand new SE phone, also keep getting storage full. I have 40 gig of usable space.”
  • Jack F.:
    “Still getting storage full with 100gig free using 15.6.1.”
  • Are you also getting the erroneous storage full notification on iPhone or iPad although there’s plenty of free storage available, after updating to iOS 15.6.1? Share it in the comments please.

How To Fix iPhone Storage Full Issue

iOS 16 is less than 3 weeks away. The good news is that we haven’t seen the storage full issue play out during the iOS 16 beta stages.

This means that the bug might be cleared out once and for all by the upcoming iOS generation.

If you want to fix it right away you can opt to install the current iOS 16 Public Beta on your iPhone or just have a little more patience until the public release.

Are you still encountering the storage full notification on iPhone although you shouldn’t? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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