iOS 15 Bug: iPhone Storage Almost Full Notification (Fix?!)

iPhone Storage Almost Full bug

iPhone Storage Almost Full bug

Are you getting the iPhone Storage Almost Full notification in the Settings, although your device has plenty available capacity left? This is a spread out glitch that has surfaced since iOS 15. In fact, we’re dealing with a complex iOS 15 storage bug that also includes inaccurate availability estimations and other erroneous data!

iPhone Storage Bugs In iOS 15

Here is a list with the most common storage glitches reported for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15:

1. iPhone Storage Almost Full Error

iphone storage almost full notification ios 15
A series of readers have reported that they get the storage full warning in Settings although the device has plenty free space left (13 GB, 15 GB and more)!

Jeremy J:

“Storage error after updating to iOS 15 today. I have 13GB free but I have an error saying iPhone storage almost full. Can’t clear it.”


“I updated yesterday and since my updated was finished I have an iPhone Storage Almost Full error and notification number showing even though I have over 15gb of storage. I’ve tried rebooting, resetting, etc and it will not go away”.

Similar complains have been posted on other websites and social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and more!

How To Remove iPhone Storage Almost Full Notification?

Tapping the warning only opens the iPhone Storage screen in Settings. You can try to free up even more storage, but there are high chances that the warning will remain.

The most annoying part is that you can’t dismiss this alert. You have to get used to the red notification badge displayed, in the top right corner of the Settings icon, that signals about an issue or setting that requires your attention.

2. Inaccurate Storage Capacity Reports

iOS 15 storage bug
On top of the erroneous lack of storage notification, users also encounter the other side of the coin. Inaccurate used storage readings result in the available free storage being higher than the total capacity, which is obviously an impossible result!

How to replicate: Browse for Settings -> General -> About and compare the Capacity and Availability readings! Is your iPhone also affected?

3. Storage Report Not Loading

iPhone Storage not loading
Last but not least, users also experience a glitchy iOS 15 behavior that hinders the iPhone Storage screen from properly displaying the Recommendations and Data Usage by app. A spinning wheel circles in a loop without a conclusion when opening Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

Workaround: In this case I recommend you to force quit Settings app, from the App Switcher and relaunch it!

How To Fix The iOS 15 Storage Bug?

Update: Read here a couple of ways to fix the iPhone Storage bug that creates wrong capacity calculations!

Users tried to restart, reset and restore iPhone and iPad from a backup without any success. Most likely this has to be solved with a software update.

It should not take too long for Apple to issue a fix, because this bug has been reported ever since the beta testing stages, so Apple is surly aware of it and already had plenty time to find a solution.

Important: We’ve also reported this issue to Apple and iOS 15.0.1 shouldn’t be far away!

Update: iOS 15.0.1 is out and it includes a fix for the Storage almost full bug!

Have you managed to find a workaround for the iOS 15 storage bug? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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