Keyboard Keeps Crashing Apps In iOS 17 (Beta 4)? (Fix?)

keyboard crashes apps ios 17 beta

Keyboard crashes apps iOS 17 beta

Keyboard keeps crashing apps on iPhone and iPad after iOS 17 Beta 4 (Public Beta 2) update? Messages crashes unexpectedly while typing? Same happens when inputing text in Safari, Instagram and other apps?

Keyboard Crashing Apps iOS 17 Beta?

This issue has been reported by Maverick (Beta 4):

“Messages crashes frequently when typing after updating to beta 4. Safari does it too, seems to be a keyboard related bug. Anyone else?”

We could replicate this bug as it appears to be widespread one. Similar complaints have been posted on Reddit:

“It doesn’t matter what app I’m in, if I’m typing a bit longer than iOS 17 PB2 would like, it force crashes. Instagram, Reddit, Messages, Safari.”

How To Fix Keyboard Keeps Crashing Apps

Unfortunately, there is not fix that we could identify for this problem. Still, you can try the following workaround:

  • If you plan to type something longer, use the Notes app. The text will be autosaved and you can resume from where you left of in case this app force closes too.
  • When you’re done just copy-paste the text from Notes to Messages, Mail or whatever app you want to use for sending!

Have you managed to fix keyboard crashing apps on iPhone and iPad in iOS 17? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Use the comments.

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