Loner, Fireworks Tap & Maze Zen Gone Free (Save $8)

loner, fireworks tap, maze zen gone free

Loner, Fireworks Tap, Maze Zen gone Free!

Time to grab a few more games for your iPhone and iPad free of charge! Today I share with you 3 iOS games that have gone free and are available for download from the App Store. The deals are on sale for a limited time only, so hurry up and grab them. Tap on the app’s name listed below and you’ll be redirected to the official download page. If you see the “GET” label, it means that the promo is still on and you can grab the game for free.

Please share this article with your friends and contacts! Spread the word and allow others to benefit from this offer too. If you get a “price tag” instead of the “GET” label it means that you have arrived too late. The retail price of the game is available below too. Use the comment section at the end of this article if the games aren’t available for free anymore so that we can update the article!

3 iOS Games Gone Free For A Limited Time Only
1. Loner ($0.99 -> FREE) – Play the role of a lonely pilot and fly the plane across a never ending dark channel. Avoid obstacles, listen to the music and relax while you experience the sensation of loneliness.

2. Maze Zen ($3.99 -> FREE) – Meditate with this relaxing circular maze game. Solve the puzzles and chill out!

3. Fireworks Tap ($2.99 -> FREE) – Become a fireworks masters. Tap the screen of your iPhone and iPad to create superb fireworks. The game is toddler oriented as it has no extra menus, ads or buttons that could interrupt the one and only goal of this app.
Tip: Tap and drag to trigger a string of fireworks!

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