Apple MagSafe External Battery Pack For iPhone 12 (Concept)

MagSafe External Battery pack for iPhone 12

MagSafe External Battery pack for iPhone 12 (Concept)

Apple has revived the MagSafe brand with the launch of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models. The new wireless charging option with the help of the MagSafe charger, as well as MagSafe cases and the new stylish looking MagSafe wallet are currently trending.

Inspired by this success Apple could continue to build on the MagSafe collection by launching a new MagSafe compatible external battery pack. The extra power source could just snap to the back of any iPhone 12 and start juicing up the device, as imagined by Parker Ortolani, in his latest concept.

MagSafe Smart Battery Charging

Magsafe external battery pack chargning wirelessly
More, the MagSafe Extra battery could be wirelessly charged with the existing MagSafe charging puck both when attached to the phone, or independently. This would allow Apple to stop including a lightning to USB connector that’s included in non-MagSafe battery packs.

MagSafe Smart battery charging with wireless puck

MagSafe Smart battery charging with wireless puck (concept) | Source: Twitter

Fact: Of course, that the external battery pack could come in various colors to match the most popular iPhone finishes.

Would do you think about this concept? Have you already embraced the MagSafe brand? Do you own any MagSafe accessories. Would you buy a MagSafe additional battery? Let us know using the comments section.

Did you know that MagSafe compatible accessories from Apple are triggering an animation on your iPhone whenever they’re connected?

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