ios 16.2 release date

iOS 16.2 Release Date, Notes, Features & Fixes

iOS 16.2 release date is approaching fast and most iPhone and iPad users are looking forward to this update! New features like Freeform app, Lock Screen widgets, as wells as improvements to Stage Manger. Lots of bug fixes are also expected!…

airplay is unavailable on ipad

AirPlay Not Available On iPad With External Display In 16.2?

AirPlay not available on iPad anymore when connected to external display? Getting the ‘AirPlay is unavailable while an external display is connected’ error when trying to airplay on iPad running iPadOS 16.2 beta?…

iphone crashing ios 16

iPhone Crashing iOS 16 Issue? iOS 16.1.2 Won’t Fix It?

Is your iPhone crashing and restarting after iOS 16 update? Problem persists with 16.1, 16.1.1 and even in the most recent 16.1.2 release? Device unexpectedly crashes and reboots several times a day? You’re not alone….

downgrade ios 16.1.2

Downgrade iOS 16.1.2 To 15, 16.1, 16.1.1 Without Losing Data

Trying to downgrade iOS 16.1.2 to 15 without losing data? Yes, it’s possible to do it. You can also revert to an earlier iOS 16 version as Apple continues to sign 16.1.1 and 16.1!…

iphone overheating ios 16

iPhone Overheating After iOS 16 Update? For No Reason? Fix?

iPhone overheating after iOS 16 update? Device warms up for no reason, while performing basic tasks like charging, browsing apps or while running in standby mode? Issue persists in iOS 16.1.2 and 16.1.1? You’re not alone!…