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snooze double pinch apple watch popup

Snooze Double Pinch Apple Watch PopUp in watchOS 9? (Fix!)

Snooze Double Pinch popup is displayed on Apple Watch every time you raise your wrist. The prompt is showing up at the top of the screen and for a brief second and then disappears by itself? This appears to be a day-one watchOS 9 bug!…

iOS 16 allow paste popup

iOS 16 Allow Paste Popup? Would Like To Paste From? (Fix!)

Are you annoyed by frequent iOS 16 Allow Paste requests? Popup asks if you would like to paste from and app to the other, even when data is imported between stock iOS applications? Here is what you can do about it!…

Unable to Check for Update iOS 16.1

Unable To Check For Update iOS 16.1 Bug? (Fix?)

Are you getting the Unable to check for Update error while trying to update software on iPhone or iPad? Popup informs that an error occurred while checking for a software update and gives you the option to Cancel or Try Again?…

cellular issue detected on iPhone

How To Fix Cellular Issue Detected On iPhone In iOS 16

Are you getting Cellular Issue Detected on iPhone? A poppup informs that there’s a problem with cellular data on your device and invites you to access Settings if you want to find out more info? This could be an early iOS 16 bug….

What's new in Game Center popup

What’s New In Game Center Keeps Popping Up On iPhone (Fix?)

Do you get the What’s New In Game Center popup every time you open an app that supports this Apple service? You tap Continue but the splash screen keeps popping up every time you open a game?…