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block Calendar Spam on iPhone

How To Remove and Block Calendar Spam Events On iPhone

Are you annoyed by Calendar spam events on your iPhone? This is most likely caused by a Calendar subscription that you’ve accepted without giving too much attention to the popup requesting your consent. Don’t worry! You can remove the unwanted event invites and unsubscribe from future spam invites in the Calendar app….

software update is trying to authenticate user popup

macOS Software Update Is Trying To Authenticate User (Fixed)

Are you annoyed by the ‘Software Update is trying to authenticate user’ prompt? Is it constantly popping up on your Mac and you can’t get rid of it? You’re asked the enter the password for user [name] to allow the update to proceed! However, the dialog box continues to show up later on, even if…

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector Bug (iPhone Not Wet)

Last updated on June 14th, 2021 at 03:26 pmIs your iPhone displaying a popup that reads ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’? Is this happening although your device hasn’t been anywhere near a water source? This Liquid-detection alert has been triggered out of the blue for a series of iPhone owners. All of them are running…