System Settings Search Not Working in macOS Ventura 13?

system settings search not working

System Settings Search not working

System Setting search not working in macOS Ventura? Results are not showing up, they’re broken or incomplete? You’re trying to find options from the old System Preferences app and are heavily relying on the search feature?

System Settings Search Not Working

This issue has been reported by Linda:

“Settings search is broken in macOS Ventura. I type and get no results…”

We couldn’t replicate the issue but have found a similar report on Reddit.

Are you experiencing the same? Please share it in the comments along with any other useful details that can help us pinpoint the trigger and report it to Apple.

How To Fix System Settings Search Issues

We’re still in the early days of macOS Ventura and System Settings is an app that has been redesigned from scratch on the Mac. Lags and other glitches are expected.

The first troubleshooting option that you should try is a reboot:
Click the Apple logo, in the top-left corner of the screen and go for Restart.

This might be a temporary fix only but it should do the job until Apple issues a bug fixing software update for macOS 13.

Do you have a better solution for System Settings search lagging, not returning accurate results or not working at all? Share it in the comments please!

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