20 App Store WatchOS 2 Apps With Third-Party Complications

apple watch displaying third party watchos 2 complications

Apple Watch displaying third party watchOS 2 complications.

WatchOS 2 is finally available and among all the exciting new features, there is one that stands out. I’m talking about the ability of third party apps to run natively on your Apple Watch, without needing support from the paired iPhone. This results in much faster loading times and improved user experience. More, third party apps can also come with external complications for the new watch faces, bringing information a single wrist-flick away.

Yes, this means that now you’ll have a larger variety of info modules to choose from, when configuring a watch face. That’s a similar process to adding non-native widgets to the iPhone’s Notification Center. Below, you can find a list with the first App Store apps that come with support for watchOS 2, as well as with extra complications for your favorite watch faces.

App Store Apps With Complications
All applications from this list provide both Apple Watch complications as well as watchOS 2 support. They’ve been tested out by our staff and are optimized to run natively on your wearable:
1. Lifesum (FREE) – Track your eating and drinking habits to improve your lifestyle. Plenty of third-party complications available for Apple Watch.
2. The Weather Channel (FREE) – Weather forecasting app that provides info about upcoming precipitations directly on your watch face.
3. WebMD Reminders (Free) – Inform yourself about upcoming medication with a simple flick of your wrist.
4. Sleep++ (FREE) – Measures the amount and the quality of your sleep with the help of the Apple Watch motion and heart rate sensors. Watch face complications show the last recorded sleep details.
5. iTranslate (FREE) – Probably the best dictionary on the App Store is now upgraded for watchOS 2. Flick your wrist.
6. American Airlines (FREE) – Find out your departing gate and much more info regarding your upcoming flight, directly from your wrist.
7. Cycles (FREE) – Is a period tracker and fertility calendar for your Apple Watch. Your period can’t surprise you anymore.
8. Dark Sky ($3.99) – Informs you exactly when precipitations will start to fall, with minute precision. Gathers data from local weather stations and displays it within complications too.
9. Citymapper (FREE) – Very handy app if you use public transportation. Informs about arrival times, how crowded the bus or train is and even provides info about where to board to a train to get the least crowded area!
11. Carrot Weather ($3.99) – A hilarious weather app that presents its forecasts with a touch of sarcasm. You have to try it to enjoy it!
12. Dataman Next ($1.99) | Pro ($5.99) – A great application that tracks your data usage and displays it on your watch face. If you’re looking for advanced forecasting and more features opt for the Pro version.
13. Streaks ($3.99) – Helps you track up to 6 tasks that you aim to complete every day. The challenge is to build streaks of back-to-back days.
14. Currency+ ($1.99) – Easily convert from USD to EUR or any other currency pairing that you need to trade, whenever you travel.
15. Omnifocus 2 ($39.99) – A productivity app that is packed with a lot of features and priced accordingly. Do note, that it works on the Apple Watch if you updated to watchOS 2, else you can use it only on your iPhone.
16. SnapSchool (FREE) – Everyone has trouble with homeworks. However, this app introduces you to a community that solves your exercises. To be helped you have to also help others and collect popularity points. Impress your colleagues at school with your score displayed directly on the watch face.
17. Star Walk 2 ($2.99) – If you’re a fan of the skies, this software will help you find out more information about planets, constellations, satellites and the other entities hovering in the atmosphere!
18. Pacemaker (FREE) – Create music mixes and save them on your Apple Watch. This app comes with a lot of tools including watch face Complications (for Modular and Utility Faces) and Time Travel support.
19. App in the Air (FREE) – If your airline hasn’t updated its app for watchOS 2 yet, grab the application developed by AITA Limited and get real-time info about your flight, tips about the airport and much more. All data can be displayed on your Apple Watch face, of course.
20. ETA ($2.99) – Does what it name stands for: estimates the time of arrival. No matter if you wish to travel to work, home, gym, or any other place you’ll know based on distance and traffic data exactly how much it takes to reach the desired location.
21. Cord Messenger (FREE) – A voice messaging app that allows you to send and receive up to 12-second long voice recordings to your contacts. The Apple Watch complication is available for rapid exchanges.
22. The Weather Network (FREE) – Covers over 170,000 international locations and is fully integrated with watchOS 2. Has both expanded and regular complications, along with Time Travel functionality.

App Store Games For watchOS 2
trivia crack modular watch face complications 1. Trivia Crack (FREE) – Surly the most popular quiz game played by iOS users from all around the world. It’s now more faster and reliable on the Apple Watch.
2. Rules 2 ($2.99) – A puzzle game for your Apple Watch that includes a daily brain training task. It’s now fully compatible with watchOS 2 and comes with watch face info module.
3. Timecrest (FREE) – Help Ash save a parallel magic world directly from your Apple Watch. This story based games unfolds in real time sending you notifications about the events occurring in Alyncia. It’s running natively on your wrist-worn device, which means that it’s very fast and also comes with complications showing Ash’s progress at a wrist raise distance.