5 iOS 14.6 Bug Fixes Highlighted In The Update Log

iOS 14.6 bug fixes

iOS 14.6 bug fixes.

iOS 14.6 is about to be rolled out by Apple and we have some good news regarding the bug fixes included in this release! The Update Log includes 5 patches that tackle: performance issues during iPhone startup, Bluetooth connectivity improvements, call blocking shortcomings, a bug of the Reminders app and an unlock iPhone with Apple Watch fix.

We’ve extracted all this info from the iOS 14.6 Release Candidate version that’s already been seeded to public beta testers and Apple developers. The RC Update Log of a pre-release version is almost identical with the one that’s eventually shared in the public rollout, so it’s safe to say that we have our hands on the most important bug fixes coming in iOS 14.6!

Official iOS 14.6 Bug Fixes

  • 1. iPhone Startup Bug
    This is probably the most important fix coming in iOS 14.6. Ever since the early days of iOS 14, users have complained about iPhone reduced performance during startup. Apple claims to have fixed this issue!
  • 2. iOS 14 Bluetooth Bug
    Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone could randomly disconnect or route the audio to a different device during an active call. iOS 14.6 patches this issue too!
  • 3. Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch Bug
    This handy new feature has been introduced in iOS 14.5. It makes iPhone users life easier while wearing a mask. The TrueDepth camera is able to recognize the mask and automatically unlock the smartphone if a paired Apple Watch is connected and unlocked.
    However, it some cases the feature would stop working if the user pressed the ‘Lock iPhone’ button on the Apple Watch, to lock the device back in case of an accidental unlock.
  • 4. Phone app bug would prevent call blocking extensions from showing up in Settings.
  • 5. Reminders App bug: an issue could cause Reminders to display as blank lines. iOS 14.6 fixes this!

iOS 14.6 Under The Hood Bug Fixes

Often, iOS releases include other fixes too, that aren’t highlighted in the update log. We’re currently testing this version out and will update this category as soon as we identify a fix that wasn’t listed above.
If you notice one too, don’t hesitate to share it with us, with the help of the comments section available at the end of this article!

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