Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector Bug (iPhone Not Wet)

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

Is your iPhone displaying a popup that reads ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’? Is this happening although your device hasn’t been anywhere near a water source? This Liquid-detection alert has been triggered out of the blue for a series of iPhone owners. All of them are running iOS 14 which makes us conclude that this might be a software related bug.

We’ve got reports of the ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’ popup showing up on an iPhone 12, iPhone X and iPhone SE 2, without any obvious reasons. None of the readers that reported this bug, couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the liquid ingress protection warning.

To be clear, although the popup asks you to ‘Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. This may take several hours’, in most cases they dialog box is triggered without the user connecting the iPhone to a wired charger.

Fact: Most of the times the liquid in lightning connector warning pops up while the iPhone is in use, for gaming or while interacting with any third-party app.

How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

1. Dismiss It

Although the liquid-detection popup is most likely caused by an iOS 14 bug, you should check the charging port of your iPhone for any signs of water. Perhaps liquid reached your device accidentally, without you noticing it.
The pop-up comes with a Dismiss option. Tap it to close the warning after you finish inspecting your device.

2. Use MagSafe

If the water presence is confirmed and the popup isn’t just a false alarm, you have to allow the Lightning port to dry out before attempting to charge again. A good workaround is to use a MagSafe charger or any other wireless charging mat that you have available.

3. Emergency Override

Last but not least, iOS 14 has introduced a new option to the liquid-detection alert called Emergency Override. When available, it’s displayed above the Dismiss option. This means that you can force your iPhone to charge even though it’s warning you that it detected liquid in the Lightning port.

Have you also been prompted with the Liquid-detection alert in iOS 14? Was it a false alarm or a justified notification? Use the comments section and let us know. If you want to confirm this bug please also mention your iPhone model and the iOS 14.x version that runs on it.

Fact: The iPhone liquid-detection alert has been introduced in 2016, as a new iOS 10 feature.

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