Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector Bug (iPhone Not Wet)

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

Is your iPhone displaying a popup that reads ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’? Is this happening although your device hasn’t been anywhere near a water source? This Liquid-detection alert has been triggered out of the blue for a series of iPhone owners. It started during iOS 14 and the issue continues in iOS 15.

We’ve got reports of the ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’ popup showing up on iPhone 12, 11, X and iPhone SE 2, without any obvious reasons. None of the readers that reported this bug, couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the liquid ingress protection warning.

To be clear, although the popup asks you to ‘Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. This may take several hours’, in some cases the dialog box is triggered out of the blue, or when iPhone is connected to a wired charger, without being anywhere near liquids.

Fact: The liquid in lightning connector warning also pops up while iPhone is used for gaming or with any third-party app.

iPhone Charging Not Available: The Liquid Detected in lightning connector bug persists in the later versions of iOS 14 as well as the early releases of iOS 15. Recent reports show that the warning popup is triggered when charging an iPhone with an aftermarket, non-genuine Apple charger.

How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

There are multiple causes that trigger this error, taking in account that you’re sure that your iPhone wasn’t exposed to liquids. Below you can find a list of the most common troubleshooting options:

0. Clean Charging Port

If lint accumulates in the charging port the Liquid detected in Lightning Connector message can be erroneously triggered.

In this case, the fix is quite simple, you have to clean the area using a combination of dry toothbrush, toothpick and compressed air!

Tip: You can also use this professional iPhone cleaning set! You can also use an anti-dust plug to prevent lint from accumulating in the charging port!

Thanks Lily for sharing this fix!

1. Dismiss It

iPhone charging not available bug in ios 14
Although the liquid-detection popup is most likely caused by an iOS 14 bug, you should check the charging port of your iPhone for any signs of water. Perhaps liquid reached your device accidentally, without you noticing it.

The pop-up comes with the Dismiss and Emergency Override options. The first one closes the pop-up and skips charging, while the second will force the charging process. Tap it after you finish inspecting your device.

2. Reboot if Emergency Override Doesn’t Work

Last but not least, if the iOS liquid-detection alert is still preventing your iPhone from charging even is you opt for the Emergency Override option, you have to reboot your device and attempt to charge again.
how to force restart iphone 12
How To: Unplug charger, use the force restart combo and be patient until the iPhone restarts. Plug the charger back in and cross your fingers. Does it work or it claims to detect liquid in the Lightning port?

3. Use Apple Charger

The Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector error is most frequently reported by users that charge their iPhone or iPad with aftermarket chargers.

Fact: This could be Apple’s move to encourage users to use only genuine Apple products. Does the liquid-detection alert disappear if you’re using an original charger?

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4. Charge iPhone Early

A trick to prevent the Liquid Detected in lightning connector error from popping up, requires you to start the charging cycle before the iPhone battery level drops below 40%!

Credit: Lan shared this tip in the comments section. Many thanks! Is it also helping you? Did you find a better workaround?

5. Use MagSafe Wireless Charging

If the Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector popup is triggered on an iPhone 12 model. You have the option to switch for wireless charging. You do need a MagSafe charger for this though.

Fact: MagSafe charging is also the way to go if water presence is actually confirmed and the warning isn’t just a false alarm. Place your iPhone in a dry environment, with low humidity to allow the Lightning port to dry out before attempting to charge again.

6. Reset All Settings

Last but not least you can try to reset your iPHones settings. This Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector fix has been confirmed by Sai and is recommended by Apple’s support department:
Open Settings and browse for General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
reset all setting to fix liquid detected error
Fact: Reset All Settings will bring all settings on your iPhone to factory default including network settings, the Home Screen layout, your Location settings, the Keyboard dictionary and Apple Pay cards. However, no data or media are deleted!

All settings—including network settings, the keyboard dictionary, the Home Screen layout, location settings, privacy settings, and Apple Pay cards—are removed or reset to their defaults. No data or media are deleted.

Tip: In iOS 15 this changes to Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector Video Guide

Watch this video tutorial to better understand how to fix the Charging Not Available popup on your iPhone:

Fact: The iPhone liquid-detection alert has been introduced in 2016, as a new iOS 10 feature.

Have you also been prompted with the Liquid-detection alert in iOS 14 (iOS 15)? Was it a false alarm or a justified notification? Did any of the above fixes work? Use the comments section and let us know. If you want to confirm this bug please also mention your iPhone model and the iOS 14.x (iOS 15.x) version that runs on it.

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