7 iOS Apps That Help You Track, Evacuate And Inform During Hurricane Matthew

hurricane matthew weather radar on iphone

Hurricane Matthew weather radar on iPhone.

I had a plan of covering a whole different iPhone related subject today, but the fact that Hurricane Matthew has been upgraded to Category 4 forces me to urgently inform you about how you can use your iOS device to stay informed and protect yourself against one of the greatest storms that threatens to hit the south-east coast of the United States. If you’re living in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina you’re currently under state of emergency.

How can technology help you, you might ask? Sadly the only thing that you can use your iPhone for, is to track this monster storm and make sure that you evacuate your home in case your area falls into the Evacuation Zones announced by your state’s officials. Although this might not seem much, it can make the difference between life and death as Florida’s governor Rick Scott stated, during his Thursday morning briefing, “This storm will kill you!”, if you stand in its path.

How To Track Hurricane Matthew
weather underground hurricane warning Download and install Weather apps, on your iPhone, that help you to efficiently track the path of this Category 4 storm which is going to hit the eastern U.S. coast. These applications also promise to inform you if your location will be directly hit by the Hurricane. In this case your home could be included in the Evacuation Zone, which means that you have to leave it and go to a safe place as quick as possible.
Tip: Make sure that Location Services are turned on to allow your iPhone’s GPS to pinpoint your exact location and let the Weather apps provide accurate info!

Very Important: Charge your iPhone to maximum battery percentage. If you own a portable battery make sure that it’s loaded too. Hurricane Matthew has left 1 million people without power since hitting Florida.

7 iOS Apps Useful During Hurricane Matthews
Here is a list with some App Store applications that you’ll find helpful when dealing with a hurricane. Track its path, know if you need to evacuate, send rescue messages and quickly inform yourself from tweets posted by individuals dealing with the same situation.
Important: Most apps inquiry weather data from NHC (National Hurricane Center) or NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Although the data is very accurate most of the time, double-check the info in case of life-threatening storms with TV news, radio coverage or any other media source before taking a major decision.

1. Hurricane Tracker ($2.99) EZ Apps have set up an team that is tracking Hurricane Matthew 24/7. They provide maps, advisories, audio updates, video updates, analysis and much more about this life-threatening storm. Receive push alerts if the storm intensifies. Provides access to the NOAA weather radio and features in-depth written discussions about monster storms.

2. Hurricane Pro ($2.99) – this is the oldest iOS hurricane tracker app, released back in 2008. Get the latest storm info in a straightforward way. The interface is user-friendly and although packed with lots of info, its till easy to use and understand. Use it during Hurricane Matthew to know if you can stay or if you need to evacuate!

3. Hurricane by American Red Cross (FREE) comes with step-by-step info that teaches you how to act before, during and after a major storm. This data is downloaded and available even if you lose your Mobile Data or Wi-Fi connectivity. Comes with editable alerts and push notifications. “I’m Safe” feature that informs your family and friends that you survived the hurricane. Available communication channels are: Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Texts. Find Red Cross shelters available in your proximity and seek for help when needed. The app also includes a Hurricane ToolKit with strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions and much more.

4. MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar (FREE) – This app stands out because it comes with an Apple Watch extension. It has been downloaded over 20 million times by App Store users and is free of charge. It displays animated weather radars for your location, allowing you to see what storms are approaching . The high definition Doppler radar data is inquired directly from NOAA. Use the optional hurricane tracker to stay up to date about Matthew.

5. Weather Underground (FREE) One of the best iOS weather apps. WU isn’t specialized on hurricanes but it provides extremely accurate local forecast, feed by over 200,000 weather stations. It comes with Apple Watch support and includes widgets for iOS 10, customizable alerts and much more.

6. Twitter (FREE) Sometimes you can get news from people nearby that share their experience on social media websites. Tweets spread instant. Search Twitter for “Hurricane Matthew” and find out the latest info in real time. If you want to contribute use the #HurricaneMatthew.

7. ICE Standard ER with Smart911 ($4.99) An app that allows you to provide your medical info and emergency medical contacts on your iPhone home screen. If you get hit by the hurricane and get injured, rescuers can retrieve sensible health data from your smartphone without needing to unlock your device. More, Smart911 allows operators to receive your health info when a rescue call is dialed.