Apple iPhone 12 Clear Cases Breaking Easily (Go For Silicone)

iPhone 12 Clear Case broken plastic

iPhone 12 Clear Case with broken plastic. Source: Reddit

Apple has launched some spectacular new MagSafe compatible cases to match the release of the iPhone 12 lineup. The Clear Case is one of the popular ones, because it doesn’t interfere with the original color of your iPhone. The MagSafe ring makes it look like the good old iPod Nano and many users have purchased it, even if it retails as high as $49 (EUR 55).

However, reports on Reddit complain that the new see-through plastic case is fragile. A photo with a broken iPhone 12 Clear Case has been published. You can notice a crack developing in the plastic, on the inside of the accessory. User Phreakiedude claims that this damage has occurred after only 2 days of usage.

A second user confirms the exact same problem and adds that the case was exchanged at his local Apple Store with a Silicone one. The topic is still fresh and theses are the only two complaints for the time being. It’s unclear yet if iPhone 12 Clear Cases are brittle and break in numbers, or if these will turn out to be isolated cases.

Nevertheless, if you’re not living in the proximity of an Apple Store, and want to exclude the potential replacement hassle, you might be better of with purchasing a Silicon case instead, that’s less prone to breaking. Retail prices are identical.

iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe ring marks

iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe ring marks. Source: MacRumors

Important: Apple warns users that the new MagSafe charger might cause circular marks on the back of iPhone 12 leather cases, if the case is on when the device is charged with the new ‘wireless’ charging option. However, MagSafe ring imprints have also been spotted on the back of the new Silicone cases.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Case Charging Problems?

It has also been reported that the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro might get stuck on the MagSafe charging animation when the device is connected to the new charger. The terminal freezes and no charging occurs. The fix implies to disconnect the magnets and force restart your device as explained here.

Have you already bought an iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Clear Case? Enjoy it but remember to be gentle. If you encounter a similar breaking problem don’t hesitate to comment this article and let us know.

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