Charging On Hold Due To iPhone Temperature iOS 16 Bug? Fix?

charging on hold ios 16 notification

Charging on hold iOS 16 notification

Are you frequently getting the Charging On Hold notification on iPhone in iOS 16? You’re informed that charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature? Does it occur when device is connected to CarPlay or when you use a wireless charger?

Charging On Hold iOS 16 Issue?

Charging on hold ios 16 battery settings
This problem has been reported by cruzismyname:

“Charging on hold notification displays almost every time i charge my iphone 14 pro. same for my wife’s 12 pro! phones heat up faster than usual!”

We’ve found similar reports in several Reddit threads:

“iOS 16 13Pro Charging via Magsafe shows charging on hold due to temperature but the phone itself is barely warm”


“Charging on hold! Now thats a first for me.”

Are you experiencing the same behavior? Help us determine if this is a bug or not! Please confirm it in the comments section. Do mention if device is actually hot, or the notification is erroneously triggered!

Important: Charging on Hold is an iOS feature that protects the iPhone battery from degrading. Lithium-ion batteries can lose their properties if they overheat too much and too often!

If you charge your device in a very hot environment the notification is welcomed and should trigger to protect the battery of your device. However, if you notice this daily while charging in normal conditions, please report!

How To Fix Charging On Hold iOS 16 Notifications?

It’s not just the notification that’s annoying, but the fact that the charging process of your iPhone is paused and will take longer!

After reading dozens of reports, it seems that the iOS 16 battery drain issues reported here, can cause iPhones to overheat more than usual during wireless charging.

Any iPhone model running iOS 16 can be affected by the Charging On Hold warning. However, older iPhone models seem more prone because they tend to overheat easier, as iOS 16 is demanding more resources than usual.

Brand new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models are affected to, at least until all the data indexing completes, if you set it up from and older device.

Fix: Until Apple fixes the battery draining problems in an upcoming software update here is what you can do about this.

1. Avoid Wireless Charging

MagSafe charging is known to warm up the iPhone more than traditional wired charging. This seems to be a triggering factor for the Charging On Hold problem!

Use the USB-C to lightning adaptor that shipped with your iPhone and the 20W USB-C power adapter to charge device instead of MagSafe.

More: Avoid third-party wireless charging platforms and chargers. They might be even less efficient in these early iOS 16 days.

2. Force MagSafe Charger Firmware Update

Apple has recently released a new MagSafe firmware 255. There are no release notes but it might address the Charging On Hold issue too.

Tip: Charge your iPhone via wire to 100%. Disconnect it from the Lightning cable and connect it to the MagSafe charger. This should force the charger to upgrade its firmware faster!

3. Restart iPhone

Another temporary workaround that you can apply is to reboot iPhone before connecting it to CarPlay. This will clear any processes that might glitch out in the background and use unnecessary resources that will contribute to the device heating up.

Apply the force restart trick shown here and you should be OK?

Have you managed to avoid the Charging On Hold issue in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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