Cone A Live Color Picker App For Your iPhone

live color reading with cone

Live color reading with Cone.

Are you a graphics designer, in love with all kind shades or suffer from colorblindness? Cone for iOS is here to make your day. Thanks to App Store developer, Kushagra Agarwal, your iPhone is now able to provide live real world color tracking. After receiving access to your device’s Camera, Cone is able to focus, detect and name any color that you pinpoint it too. If the target is on the move you can use the Freeze Frame technique and snapshot the object that you want to receive color info for.

Pantone Colors is another great feature provided by this color reading app. The software is able to indicate the closest matching Pantone color for the shade that it just captured. If you’re not aware yet, Pantone is a standardized color matching procedure, that utilizes a patented Pantone numbering system for detecting colors. This way, manufacturers from various locations can all use identical color tones, without using direct comparison.

cone app store download pageDownload Cone For iOS
Tap on the nearby image or this link to reach the app’s official App Store download page. Cone currently retails for $1.99, but I guarantee that the software is worth every penny, especially for those that work with colors or have a vision deficiency. Imagine checking out a piece of clothing with no one nearby to help you distinguish the shades.
Tap the price tag icon, followed by BUY to purchase this software. Validate the transaction with your fingerprint or iTunes ID password. Wait until the app installs and tap OPEN to start your color hunt!

cone for ios demoHow To Use Cone for iOS
The app’s home screen looks similar to the Camera app viewfinder. Notice the live preview provided by the iPhone’s main camera. Tap the screen to move the focus on the desired area. The shutter-button instantly changes its color to the shade that is currently in eyesight. The color’s name along with its specific color code is displayed below the shutter. Tapping the shutter snaps the targeted color and saves it for later inspection.
Tap the Snowflake icon to Freeze Frame an analyze colors thoroughly.
The third button of the app’s interface, is located towards the right-side of the shutter. Tapping the three circles brings up the saved colors view. Tap a color to open up the detailed menu and get the HEX, RGB codes as well as the closest Pantone Colors.

Tip: Last but not least, you can share the shade with the help of the link available in the Spread The Color section.

Fact: Cone for iOS will soon provide the feature to analyze colors for photos already available in your CameraRoll.