Facebook Marketplace Messages Not Showing Up? (iOS 16.1.1)

facebook marketplace messages not showing in messenger

Facebook Marketplace messages not showing in Messenger

Are Facebook Marketplace messages not showing up after updating iPhone to iOS 16.1.1? Chats are missing from Facebook Messenger app and you can’t contact sellers and buyers on the Marketplace? You’re not the only one!

Facebook Marketplace Messages Not Showing In Messenger?

This issue has been reported by Carol (iPhone 13 Pro):

“I installed the new update and Messenger says I have a message but a screen comes up that says no Messages. New messages will not appear here. I do see them on my computer.”

This FB marketplace messages problem has been also confirmed by Michael:

“My phone updated to the new update yesterday to 16.1.1 and now my Facebook marketplace messages don’t show. I guess I should stop my ipad from installing update, because it still works.”

This looks like a widespread issue, as we could find numerous similar complaints on Reddit:

“I don’t know what is going on but on my iPhone running iOS 16.1.1, all markeplace messages are not viewable on the messenger app anymore. The only way to read messages is through the Facebook app.”

How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Messages Not Appearing

This seems to be an iOS 16.1.1 specific issue. Android devices aren’t experiencing the problem and neither do other iPadOS devices that haven’t been updated to the latest version.

Until a fix is issued via software update, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Offload Facebook & Facebook Messenger Apps

First, you should try to reinstall Facebook and FB Messenger apps. This will ensure that your device is running the latest version available:

  • Open Settings app on iPhone and go to General -> iPhone Storage -> Facebook -> Offload App -> Reinstall App.
  • Repeat the same process for FB Messenger.

2. Delete Facebook & Facebook Messenger

If the above did not help, you should proceed with complete removal of the two apps from your iPhone / iPad:
Touch & hold their icons on the Home Screen or within the App Library and go for Delete App.
Redownload and install the apps from the App Store: Facebook (direct link), Facebook Messenger (direct link).

(Updated, November 22)

3. Use Facebook App

Apparently, you can also use the Facebook app to get the messages. There are two options:

  • A. In the FB app tap on the Marketplace icon (at the bottom of the screen) -> tap the ‘person’ icon available in the top-right corner -> Go for ‘Inbox‘ tile.
  • Credits: Thanks Mhigashi for the workaround.

  • B.Open Facebook app, if Marketplace isn’t available in the footer, tap on Menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen -> Tap Marketplace -> Tap the ‘person’ icon in the top-right corner of the screen -> Tap on Messages -> Review your chats in the Marketplace Inbox!
    facebook marketplace messages workaround

4. Use Desktop Version

Facebook Marketplace messages do show up as expected in the browser version. You can use Safari to sign into Facebook and resume the conversations.

5. Downgrade To iOS 16.1

Last but not least, if this issue is annoying you that bad, you can still revert to iOS 16.1. A step-by-step tutorial is available here.

Have you managed to fix Facebook Marketplace messages missing in Messenger app? Do you have a batter solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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