Google News & Weather Updates For Apple Watch

google news app on apple watch

Google News App on Apple Watch.

Google have just updated their iOS News & Weather app with Apple Watch integration, along other performance and stability improvements. This means that you can have a glance at your favorite news, by flicking your wrist. You still need to handoff to iPhone to be able to read the full story, but at least you know when something worth reading is updated! This first version that comes with Watch support, doesn’t include any options to push info about weather though.

If you already have Google News & Weather installed on your iOS device, open the App Store app and tap Update to grab this latest upgrade. Else simply tap this link and download it for free from the App Store. When the process finishes, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and search for the software in the third party apps list, on the My Watch view.

Install Google News & Weather On Watch OS
google news apple watch settings Tap on its name to open the settings. Now, hit Show App on Apple Watch and the software is installed on your wrist gadget. You can enable the Glance view from the same screen by taping Show in Glances. Disable summaries or uninstall app by repeating the same process.
To adjust its position within the glance view, return to the My Watch screen and tap on Glances. Use the drag & drop button available, on the right side, next to each glance’s name and position the Google News summary in the desired spot.

Google News on Apple Watch
google news apple watch glance The easiest way to reach the news is via glances. Tap the Digital Crown until you reach Watch Face view. Swipe up, to open glances and swipe left or right to reach Google News. The summary shows the highlights of the most recent news. Tap your smartwatch’s display to open the full app. Now, swipe left to navigate between other headlines. Text and images are shown, on your Watch, containing info about: headlines, time since article was posted and news source. If the info is appealing you can switch to your iPhone and read the full story!
Edit your preferred news categories and other settings from the Google News & Weather app on your iPhone!

Tip: Press firmly on the Apple Watch’s screen and use force touch to add a story to your Safari reading list!