HomePod Weather For Where Issue? (Fix For Missing Location!)

HomePod weather for where

HomePod weather for where

HomePod asks weather for where instead of providing the weather report for your location? Siri is only able to provide the forecast on HomePod and HomePod mini if you speak out the name of your location?

HomePod Weather For Where Issue

This problem has been initially reported by Richard H. on our HomePod 15.2 review page:

“When I ask for a weather report it asks me for where to give it. If I ask where I am it instructs me to allow location detection. My ISP returns the location correctly. All my other Apple devices (MAcBook, iPhone and Tablet) detect it correctly.”

Chris also confirms it:

“Siri asks ‘weather for where’ when I request the weather report. It’s not able to detect my location.”

We can also replicate this issue in both HomePod and HomePod mini smart speakers.

How To Fix HomePod Weather For Where Issue

Apply the following steps to troubleshoot this problem:

1. Enable Location Services

Since, HomePod 15.2 Location Services have been move to the main Home Settings section, instead of being available individually for each HomePod and HomePod mini set up in your Home:
how to turn on homepod location services

  • Open Home and tap on the house icon available in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Go for Home Settings.
  • Scroll all the way down to Location Services and turn them ON.

2. Re-Enable Location Services

If this setting is already enabled on your device, try to turn it Off. Wait a couple of seconds and turn it back ON.

This will force your HomePods to search for location. Now, ask Siri again about the weather report.

3. Restart HomePod

If Siri continues to ask weather for where, your next option is to reboot the smart speaker:
how to restart HomePod mini

  • In the Home app, long-press on the HomePod thumbnail.
  • Tap or scroll for Settings.
  • At the end of the screen you will find the Reset HomePod option.
  • Tap in and choose Restart HomePod.

4. Provide Your Location

A workaround for HomePod weather for where issue requires you to speak out the name of your location when Siri asks for it. The virtual assistant will then speak out the weather forecast for city.

5. Reset HomePod

how to reset HomePod
If nothing works your last resort is to remove HomePod from your Home and re-add it: