How To Call A Contact That Has Blocked Your Number

woman receiving an unknown call

Woman receiving an Unknown Call.

A while ago I showed you how to block a number and prevent that specific contact from reaching your iPhone. Whether it’s via messaging or calling you can easily protect yourself from harassing individuals and avoid contact with certain people that you want to stay away from. Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. What to do if someone blocks you. Is there a trick that allows you to reach him or her and attempt to solve the issue between the two of you?

Yes, there is and I’m not going to ask to buy a new SIM card or borrow another phone to call from a different number. You can tweak your iPhone not to send your Caller ID when dialing calls. This will prevent the receiving device from identifying the number that is calling and thus making call blocking obsolete. It’s true that this move works only for calls and won’t bypass blocks for text messages, but at least you have a chance to reach the person in question and present your apologies or explain the situation.

block iphone contactHow To Know That Your Number Is Blocked
First of all you have to be able to recognize when your number is blacklisted by someone else. The main symptom is the busy tone that you receive immediately after you dial the number in question. Attempt for several times, for a few days in arrow. If the receiving smartphone is always sounding busy it means that you have been blocked.
Fact: Voice messages or warnings like “Customer is out of range”, mean that the receiver’s smartphone is turned off or has no cellular coverage! They aren’t tell tale signs of a blocking action.

show my caller id ios setting Hide iPhone Caller ID
1. Open the Settings app from the iOS Home Screen.
2. Scroll for the Phone sub-menu and tap it.
3. Open the Show My Caller ID setting.
4. Disable the feature by tapping the knob towards the OFF position.
Fact: Now, you can successfully call the number that has blocked you and attempt to conciliate with the person in question. The only downside of this move is that the receiver will be prompted with the “Unknown Number” prompt when the phone is ringing. So, there’s a chance that he or she might pick your move and drop your call. Nevertheless, you won’t find out until you try! Good luck!
Tip: Make sure that you enable back the Show My Caller ID feature as soon as you solve the issue, because all your outgoing calls will display the “Unknown Number” line!

hide iphone caller id code How To Disable Caller ID For A Specific Number
To hide your iPhone’s identity for a specific number only, instead of enabling anonymity for all calls, make sure that you type #31# before the actual number. This is will hide your caller ID for the current call. Find out more about this code and many more others by reading the secret iPhone codes article.
Tip: This trick operates on the carrier-side. This means that it’s universal and works with Android phones too and all the rest smartphones available on the market!