iOS 15 Developer Beta 2 Features, Bug Fixes And Update Guide

iOS 15 Developer Beta 2

iOS 15 Developer Beta 2

iOS 15 Developer Beta 2, build number 19A5281h, is now available with new features like Memoji outfits and a bunch of fixes for bugs discovered in the initial release. The 2nd test version can be downloaded over-the-air from Settings -> General -> Software Update, as long as the iOS 15 Configuration Profile is installed on your iPhone.

How To Update To iOS 15 Beta 2

how to update to iOS 15 Developer Beta 2
If you’re planning to upgrade from a public version (iOS 14.6) you have to follow these steps:

  • Download and Install iOS 15 Beta Profile
  • Reboot iPhone
  • Browse for Settings -> General -> Software Update and download the iOS 15 Developer Beta 2 file.
  • Fact: It’s around 1.56 GB large, values will differ slightly depending on iPhone model!

  • After the update is prepared, tap on Install Now and be patient until the installation process completes.
  • Tip: A detailed step-by-step tutorial as well as a video guide is available here! The same steps apply for iPadOS 15.
    iOS 15 Developer Beta 2 build number 19A5281h

iOS 15 Beta 2 Features

We’ve just started testing this 2nd test version. Below you can find the changes detected so far:

  • iOS 15 Beta 2 Memoji Clothing feature
    Memoji Outfits are now available in an new Clothing section found in the Memoji app, Edit screen. Swipe all the way until you pass the Headwear category.
  • new Maps icon iOS 15 Beta 2
    New Maps icon is now available for the built-in Apple Maps app. The new icon matches the design showcased during the WWDC21 keynote.
  • Move to Top option now available for a track in Apple Music. Long-press on a song and the quick actions menu comes with his new feature that allows you to move a song higher in the queue.
  • Refresh button has been added to the Safari address bar. It now allows you to easily refresh a webpage without having to tap for the expanded view, or pull down from the top of the page.
  • Weather widget has been updated with a redesign of how the lows and highs for the upcoming days are shown.
  • To be updated.
    P.S.: Have you found others? Don’t hesitate to share them using the comments section

iOS 15 Beta 2 Bug Fixes

Apple mentions a series of bugs fixed by this 2nd release. Here are some of the most important:

  • Live Text feature not available has been fixed!
    Fact: iPhone X owners are you able to get the feature now? or the Live Text feature remains available only for iPhone XS and later.
  • Panorama mode in Camera glitching when iPhone is in Low Power Mode. (Fixed!)
  • Portrait effect button during a Group FaceTime call works as intended without zooming unexpectedly.
  • Health data sharing issue has been fixed.
  • Sharing Memories in Photos works now.
  • Drag & drop feature now works as it should in the Shortcuts editor.

Have you installed iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 Developer Beta 2 on your iPhone? What’s your feedback? Have you uncovered any other new features that we haven’t mentioned yet? What about bugs? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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