How To Edit The Apple Watch Control Center In watchOS 5

How to edit watchOS 5 Control Center

How to edit watchOS 5 Control Center.

In iOS 11 Apple has allowed iPhone users to customize the Control Center for the first time. Since then they can personalize this control panel to suit their own needs. Now it’s time for the Apple Watch to follow suit. In watchOS 5 users can also edit the Control Center. It’s true that the customization option is singular and only allows users to rearrange the order of the icons, without being able to enable or disable various features, but it’s a nice step forward.

The idea is to bring the controls that you use most often to the top of the Control Center view, to facilitate quicker access. Icons that are at the top can be directly engaged without requiring a scroll. Other items that you rarely or never use can’t be removed, but they can be positioned towards the end of the line, so that they don’t stand in your way. Read on and learn how to apply this handy little trick.

how to rearrange control center icons in watchos 5 5 Steps To Edit The Control Center
1. Open Control Center: while on the Watch Face, swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to unveil the panel in question.
2. Scroll down: use the Digital Crown or your finger to scroll all the way down.
3. Tap on Edit and notice how the Control Center icons start shivering.
4. Drag & Drop: Tap an icon that you want to rearrange. Continue to hold it and move your finger to the desired position. Release when ready. Repeat this process until all icons are arranged in the desired order.
5. Tap Done to save your edits.

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