How To Enable Or Disable Automatic Workout Detection In watchOS 5

watchOS 5 automatic workout detection notification.

watchOS 5 automatic workout detection notification.

Another small but very handy little feature that comes to the Apple Watch in watchOS 5 is the ability to detect when you start a workout, even if you forget to mark it in the Workouts app. As soon as your wrist-worn device detects movement and an increase in your heart rate it prompts you start a workout within the specific app. This ensures that all your physical exercises are credited, a very important stat, especially when you compete against other Apple Watch contacts.

The automatic workout detection feature is enabled by default in watchOS 5. This means that as soon as you update to the 5th watchOS generation you can rest assured for not missing out on calories burned when walking, running, swimming, training on the elliptical or on the rower. However, some of you might not want this feature enabled permanently. You can easily turn it off directly from your Apple Watch or via the paired iPhone.

how to enable disable automatic workout detection in watchos 5How To Enable / Disable Automatic Workout Detection On Apple Watch
1. Click the Digital Crown and open the Settings app from the available apps list.
2. Tap on General -> Workouts.
3. Scroll for “Start Workout Reminder” and “End Workout Reminder”.
4. Use the knob to enable or disable each of the two features.
Fact: You can disable just the start reminder. In this case you have to manually start a workout and let your Apple Watch automatically detect when you end it, or vice-versa.

how to enable disable apple watch automatic workout detection from iphoneHow To Turn On / Off Automatic Workout Detection From iPhone
You can also achieve the same edits from the paired iOS device. Here is what you have to do:
1. Open the Apple Watch app from the Home screen.
2. In the My Watch tab, tap on Workouts from the available apps list.
3. Tweak the “Start Workout Reminder” and “End Workout Reminder” settings as it suits you best.
Tip: If you forget to start a workout, but your physical exercise is detected by the Apple Watch, you get retroactive credits for it if you choose to start the workout after watchOS prompts you to.

Fact: The “End Workout Reminder” works in a similar manner. It displays a notification that recommends you to open the Workouts app to complete the task. The difference is that automatically ending workouts works with all available workout types, excepting those from the “Other” category.

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